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Tempest Rising, Thq Nordic announces unique of the futuristic inspiration of inspiration

If the greatest joy from THQ Nordic in the lSurvivalt hours had to do with the return of the Survival Horror Alone in the Dark seminal, the surprise came for a hidden letter in the real-time strategy, a genre also known by RTS **. And, if we already knew, for ads prior to the recent showcSurvivale, which were coming titles of this type with a medieval atmosphere, we completely ignored that we would also travel to other planets.

Tempest Rising and the RTS of clSurvivalsical inspiration

But Tempest Rising not only travels in space, he also does it in time. The inspiration of the same comes, according to its authors, from golden moments of the genre in the 90s and early 2000s. It wSurvival the time of clSurvivalsics such Survival Starcraft, Age of Empire, Warcraft and Command and Conquer .

And it is the latter, the clSurvivalsic developed by Westwood Studios , which serves Survival the main inspiration for the Thq Nordic game. Of course, it is to point high. Everything is to remember (maybe to reverde?) Glorious times of a genre that triumphed in the computers of the time.


You know what awaits us. War environment, bSurvivale construction, skirmishes, fierce fighting in which to leave digital life, troop management, vehicles and weapons… and all with an aerial perspective with an isometric touch that allows us, which board game, have a global view of the game map to better manage our strategy.

The bad news is that it still hSurvival to wait. The Thq Nordic game in collaboration with 2b Games will not reach our homes until next year. In principle it will be for PC, habitual home of the genus RTS. We will see then if you manage to return the luster to a genre that should never have lost it.

Can you envision an expansion of breaking Bad in GTA? Its creator had strategies for it, as well as it wasnt his only idea

Gilligan does not complete specifying if his team actually called Superstar, nevertheless, he continues the description of him discussing various other projects to take Breaking Bad to video clip games: There have been numerous computer game efforts, recalls the developer. And also several of them did show up on the market. We attempted to make a VIRTUAL REALITY experience with the Sony PlayStation virtual reality glasses we made a mobile video game that lasted a little….

We tried to make a VIRTUAL REALITY experience with the Sony PlayStation VR glasses we made a mobile video game that lasted a little….

Gilligan realized that the growth of video clip games requires a great deal of energy, sources and also skill: Making a video clip game is really tough , from the little I have actually discovered throughout this process, he clarifies In the podcast. Literally takes years and years and millions of bucks , especially when you are trying to open up brand-new roadways with VR and all that. It never ever came to fulfillment. It is a pity.

Gilligan recognized that the growth of video games requires a lot of power, resources and also ability: Making a video game is extremely tough , from the little I have found out throughout this process, he explains In the podcast. Essentially takes years and also years and also millions of dollars , particularly when you are attempting to open up brand-new roads with VR as well as all that.

That is the proprietor of Grand Theft Auto? Can not there be an Add-on Breaking Bad? Vince Gilligan This is discussed by Vince Gilligan , designer of Breaking Bad as well as his spin-off Better Call Saul, in a recent episode of the Podcast Inside The Gilliverse (through comicbook): I am not a computer game player, ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ However how can you not know Grand Theft Auto? says Gilligan in the program. I remember informing the boys-who are directing Apple now… that they claimed that it initially to Breaking Bad-‘ Who is the owner of Grand Theft Auto? Can’t you have a component, there can be no Add-on-on from Breaking Bad **?’ I believe it still makes good sense!

Breaking Bad has actually been developed as one of the most popular series of current years, so no person would certainly have been surprised if its creators introduced a big computer game. As well as, it appears, there were really prepares to develop computer game based upon the collection and also even a sort of expansion for GTA, however none of these ideas came ahead.

As Gilligan talk about the program, Breaking Bad truly had an incursion into the mobile games with breaking Bad: criminal aspects. This title ended up closing in 2020 and also, after seeing an entertainment of Breaking Bad in Unreal Engine 5, followers have a lot more wish to see a triple A video game of the collection.

We played the Quarry, here is our test

Release date : June 10, 2022

Publishers : 2K SPORTS, 2K Games

Developer : Supermassive Games

Modes : solo, multiplayer

Plate-form : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Microsoft Windows

genres : adventure game, survival horror,

Price : $ 89.99

A great surprise

Supermassive Games knew how to captivate the players with the excellent interactive horror game Until Dawn. A game in which the player had to try to save eight characters who face death. It is with a system of choice inspired by the butterfly effect that the developers put the players the test, in short your choices have consequences on the life and the state of your characters. This way of playing the players quickly and that is why the studio has developed a series of game called The Dark Picture Anthology. The latter currently has 3 titles and a fourth which should appear soon. Although these games are interesting, they are not up to Until Dawn, however, Supermassive Games had a little surprise for the players. A title that has been discreet until its launch is the game The Quarry.


The misfortune of some sometimes makes the happiness of others

The Quarry, a game that was at the start, was to be exclusive to Stadia, a streaming platform belonging to Google. Unfortunately (and fortunately for players who do not have Stadia), the latter does not work as hoped for and 2K Games and Supermassive Games have decided to offer the title on PC as well as on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

What is The Quarry? Well, this is a horror title that is inspired by ” Slasher ” from the 80s such as Friday the 13th and The Thing. In The Quarry you will follow a group of young people who have finished their summer of work in a vacancy camp and who will spend one last night there. As was the case with Unil Dawn, Supermassive Games opted for the use of a beautiful actor skewer in order to give life to their characters.

A nice actor skewer

This time, we find Branda Song, David Arquette, Halston Sage, Ted Raimi, Ariel Winter, launches Henriksen and Justice Smith. You will therefore be invited to take control of these characters, alone or with friends. Yes, in The Quarry, you can play with others, either online with friends, who will control their characters, or in coop in the comfort of your couch by lending you the controller. There is even an accommodation to be able to broadcast the game on Twitch with a voting system for your spectators. In addition, when you have finished the game you can use the cinema mode that allows you to make your choices before starting the game and then you will only have to prepare the popcorn and watch the film take place Before your eyes.

As it is the custom in a game of supermassive games the players will have to move their characters and at certain times of the chosen branches will stand in front of them. They will then have to make an important choice which will have an impact on the progress of history. Sometimes he will also have to perform a sequence of Quick Time Event, do not worry, if you are not familiar with these it is possible to decrease the difficulty. As said above, the choices you are going to make will have an impact on the progress of the game and risk seeing some of your characters lose your life. The game is made up of 10 chapters and you can discover one of the 186 ends.

One of the novelties of this title is the fact that the developers have taken the time to develop the personality of each of the protagonists, moreover the events are not precipitated, so you will have time to focus on them.

The Quarry also offers shooting sequences, however, these are rare and precision will not really be your ally. Let’s say it’s very easy to miss your target. As was the case in the series The Dark Pictures Anthology, there will be times when you will have to slow down the pace of your breathing so as not to get caught. To do this, you will need to press a touch at the right time. In addition, this time the developers grant you three lives in order to save the most characters. Usually you could finish the game by saving only one character, but this time when you have three deaths, you will have failed.

In The Quarry, each of the chapters is interspersed with a sequence with a good adventure state. The latter will help you try to save your characters by showing you a sequence that will take place in the future. However, so that it can give you this vision you will have to collect the cards of tarot hidden in the environment.

Simple controls

The controls are rather simple to access, in fact, you will have to move your character using the STICK similar, to press different buttons and of course, answer questions in a given time. I would say that the most difficult is to remember the order of the buttons if you are at your first stammering with a controller. Because yes, knowing where a button will be practical to you during QTES.

At the level of the visual, this title is one of the most beautiful of Supermassive Games. Whether in terms of decor, environment, characters, camera angles, animations or facial expressions, everything is very well d1. Hopefully the next games of the universe The Dark Pictures Anthology are following this example. The same goes for the sound level.

Unfortunately, everything is not perfect, sometimes you will find that the characters’ reaction does not always go with what is happening. Admittedly, you will say that this is often the case in this kind of film, yes I grant you, but here these reactions leave us a little of the game. In addition, you will have to endure long sequence of Bla Bla at certain times And unfortunately you will not be able to pass them. Nevertheless, The Quarry is an excellent title that we recommend to all lovers of horror games and also of ” slasher ” from the 80s. Even if this game is not perfect is a nice surprise offered by Supermassive Games and hope that the studio will continue with this momentum, because the experience The Dark Pictures Anthology sometimes leaves something to be desired.

+ The scenario

+ We get attached to the characters

+ The choice of actors

+ Dubbing

+ Trying

+ Playability options (Multi to 8)

+ We can play with our teens

+ The visual and the sound experience

+ Good replayability

-Weak points

-Any things that do not work well in the scenario

-The end is a bit garish

-A slow pace that Until Dawn who can displease certain players

Pumpkin Jack is the headache of a solo developer that comes to life

Pumpkin Jack must be released in the fourth quarter of 2020 for computer as well as consoles, as well as we are restless to discover the full video game.


The game demo is direct and also the gamers have to navigate the degree to reach the manager of the degree. Beating the demo manager likewise provided another weapon, although the demo quits right after.

Apart from the game, the battle as well as the exploration system were relatively basic. Perhaps the finest time of trial system was when I had to run away a fire barn.

Initially glance, Pumpkin Jack quickly reminded me of Medievil and encouraged me to try the pax online demo. In spite of its perceived impacts (the website showing that Medievil satisfies Jak and also Daxter), the demo regarding thirty minutes from Pumpkin Jack sufficed to offer the game to me as its own one-of-a-kind residential or commercial property. Primarily, the title is a title of journey of frightening as well as frightening system platform, as well as definitively advises us of specific memorable video games of the past.


In the demonstration, the job turned over to you is to beat a sorcerer for the adversary. In the demonstration itself, the story is inconsequential due to the fact that the demo offers more intro to the gameplay and the globe.

In spite of its regarded impacts (the internet site showing that Medievil fulfills Jak and also Daxter), the demo concerning 30 minutes from Pumpkin Jack was enough to offer the video game to me as its own distinct building. In the trial itself, the tale is worthless since the demo offers much more introduction to the gameplay as well as the globe. Defeating the demonstration manager also offered one more tool, although the demo quits right after.

Will there be a new paranormal activity film in 2023?

Recently it is being affirmed that the next paranormal activity And it is that in pages like IMDB **, chips have been listed where they mark upcoming premieres of the saga with number 8 in between, something that could be contradicted soon.

Given this, the creator of the franchise Oren Peli has come to mention that these chips are totally false, claiming that the eighth part mentioned is not doing it. So this part is ruled out, although he never mentioned that a new production was not going to arrive in 2023 , this after the premiere of Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin in Paramount Plus.


Here his statement:

Paranormal Activity fans: stories about sequelae are coming out. They are listed in IMDB as Paranormal Activity 8, new version, etc.

Those are not real sequelae. We have nothing to do with them and we do not know these people who claim to be making these films.

This series of films has had a restart with what was seen on the streaming platform, but now the direction of the series is somewhat uncertain for fans who enjoy these horror productions. In news related to this type of cinema, the last trailer of Halloween Kills was released recently, here we leave you the direct link to the note.

FFVII remake Jump The capture of Festa reveals the graphics boosted

The screenshot was released before Dive Festa 2019, whereremake of Final Fantasy VIIwill appear with a new trailer. Contrasted to the discharge of PlayStation Experience 2015 as well as tokyo video game show 2019 (the image over our title), it reports significant renovations wherefore issues The Images.

Square Enix has released a brand name brand-newremake of Final Fantasy VIIscreenshot, exposing solid enhancements contrasted to the original Cloud character model.

_ (Remake of Final Fantasy VII, PlayStation Experience 2015) _

As you can see in the screenshots listed below, shared by Twistedvoxel, the lights has actually been modified to offer more expressions to the face of Cloud, while the top quality The structures compared to the costume likewise appears to have actually been improved. The game currently has a darker tone, which might aid the visuals details to emerge.

_ (Remake of Final Fantasy VII, Jump Festa 2019) _.

The video game will certainly be launched on March 3, 2020 for PlayStation. When you purchase it, you only get the first component of a collection, which will certainly be set up for the complete remake ofFinal Fantasy VII _. We do not know the number of games are published, but we understand that the 2nd is currently to prepare at Square Enix.

This is the criterion that games, in particular those disclosed long before their last variation, enhanced over the growth procedure, however also the fans did not expect it to change a lot before launch ofremake of Final Fantasy VII _

What is the difference between the new police station? What are the new parks and skins? I asked the developers Dead by Daylight about the Resident Evil: Project W collaboration

At the BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE Inc. announced event BEHAVIOUR BEYOND distributed on August 4, 2022 It was released.

In the second collaboration of the series, Resident Evil: Project W, the enemy Albert Wesker through the series is a killer, and the new survivor is a mysterious woman spy Aida Two people, Won and S.T.A.R.S. rookie members Rebecca Chambers will appear.

In addition, the Map Raccoon City Police Station which has been implemented has been renewed . The map is divided into east and west, and the outside of the building is expanded.

In this article, we will deliver the contents of the question and answer session for the development of this collaboration. Mr. Matthew Sprigance, who is a game play director of DEAD BY Daylight, responded.

-What criteria were the choices of the three people this time?

This time, I am very happy to be able to add three new characters that can delve deeper into the Resident Evil world to DEAD BY Daylight. Last year, Nemesis, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy appeared, and expectations for the second collaboration are increasing. Meanwhile, in cooperation with Capcom, I felt that Albert Wesker was appropriate while searching for the best character for the next murderer (killer). I think Wesker’s ambition and indomitable spirit, which is popular among biohazard fans, is perfect for the fog forest.

After the collaboration with her Resident Evil last year, Ada Won had a strong request. She is somewhat impressive and mysterious, and she thinks her adaptive power and her independence is a model for survivors (survivors). Rebecca was a young and highly acclaimed bio chemist, so she felt that her wisdom matched the world view of Dead by Daylight.

-What is the ability of Ada and Rebecca?

Unfortunately, the abilities of Ada and Rebecca cannot be explained in detail at this stage, but it is a very important factor to perform missions without retaining the monitoring ability, secret action, or traces in Ada’s spy. In addition, her abilities that can be flexible, no matter how difficult it is, is reflected in the game.

Rebecca, a medical team in S.T.A.R.S, is a medical and biochemical expert and will be a powerful ally. Her excellent concentration and learning abilities will appear as a skill to support her friends.

-Raccoon Police Station is reborn as two maps, what is the biggest difference between them?

The main lobby is the same for both maps, but one is a smaller map focusing on the west and the other focusing on the east. By adding passing points to rooms and walls, it is easier to move between rooms, and access points outside the building have been added. Both maps follow the original Rakun City Police Station Map, but as a result, we decided to rebuild them for a smoother game play.

-Originally a murderer, rather than a murderer, the ruthless military Wesker who burns in his ambitions will be one of the most rational among killers, but can he see the scales in his motion and abilities? ?

Yes, of course. Wesker is a calm murderer (killer) who is calm and calm, but is a cruel murderer who does not choose a means to dominate and destroy the survivor (survivor) due to his desires for the ego and power. In addition, when his abilities, Poison Bound, he should be able to feel his explosive energy.

-Will Ada and Rebecca have a skin that can be another person like Leon or Jill’s skin?

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything concrete, but please look forward to the skin that will be announced at the same time as the chapter release.

-Will Wesker appear with zombies like Nemesis?

Weskers do not follow zombies, but survivors will struggle with his speed and attack power.

The new chapter Biohazard W of DEAD BY Daylight is a PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/STADIA/Microsoft Store)/PS5/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch It’s a schedule.

Multiversus: Start of Season 1 held off

In fact, Season 1 of the multi-player Multiversus was intended to start on August 8th and, in addition to a Battle Pass, must additionally add new characters such as Rick and Morty. Generally, the roughly 10 euro ticket is to consist of 50 actions packed with aesthetic objects and adaptation things.

Unfortunately, fans currently have to hold your horses a bit longer, given that the beginning of the Season was delayed to a later day. The programmers talked up via Twitter and also guaranteed that they intended to reveal a new visit asap:

We understand that this might be frustrating for some as well as wish to guarantee our neighborhood that we have dedicated ourselves to providing new and also interesting content that influences the gamers. We will certainly educate you of the moment asap. We appreciate your persistence and also your excitement as well as expect revealing season 1 very quickly!

Multiversus is presently readily available at no cost for Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and also PC.

Anime: The autumn season 2022 will be historical for the industry and show you why

The Manga and Elanime is about to have a turning point that raises even more the status of the Japanese animation industry as we know it. It is normal that you see it as an exaggeration, do not worry, but if we start reviewing the number of works that will be released next October, you will understand why there will be a final section of the year in which social networks are filled with Drawings and anime scenes that move us or get excited.


Next, we show you The main anime that will be autumn of 2022 an unprecedented event and that will give us enough reasons to be lovers of this sector.

Chainsaw Man, the most anticipated anime of all 2022

Chainsaw Man It is, from afar, the anime that everyone has more desire to see this year 2022 . It doesn’t matter Boku No Hero, Cyberpunk Edgerunners does not matter, the series starring Denji and Makima presented very recently a new trailer in which we could see the first steps of Chainsaw Man, with Pochita inside and leaving a huge trace of blood there Wherever I go.

It will be the next October when we can enjoy the bloody adventures created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, although it is true that we still do not know how many chapters, volumes or arches will include this season. The study has reiterated that will be quite transparent and that they will not be cut with the gore , and if we add that the voice actors have left the soul to bring this shonen masterpiece to the small screen, we just want it to arrive already October to live a unique experience.

Boku no hero returns with a very promising arch

While the last Boku No Hero season was not the most exciting of all, it is because ** the new one will completely close the saga of the rise of the villains. With the same structure of these years: an annual season of 25 chapters that will form an entire arch (or more) about the history of Deku and company, although this time it will be quite special.

And it is that in this fifth season we will finally see a direct confrontation between heroes and villains , that is, the enormous power of Izuku Midoriya and his classmates with all might against the fierce fury of Tomura Shigaraki next to the entire Villains League to get the maximum power of the All For One.

Spy X Family; Anya comes back and it’s all we need

Another of the anime that has surprised us most throughout this 2022 has been Spy X Family, the comedy but exciting family adventure of the most powerful spies in all of Japan. Recall that the Forger family is made up of Loid, a more class gunman than James Bond; Yor, an unscrupulous murderer who loves to take care of her daughter; And Anya, one of the girls we want most today and for which we would kill anyone to see her smile.

It will be in October when we canknow more about everything that surrounds the family *, following the main plot and enjoying the enormous animation that Wit Studio gives us to be able to enjoy this family adventure to the fullest.

Blue Lock; Oliver and Benji with super powers always cool

Oliver and Benji invaded many’s house to fall in love with the complete football, leaving us images for memory and an insane hobby for running in a quilometric soccer field for weeks. However, when we reached adolescence, it was Inazuma Eleven the one who came into our lives, with incredible movements and a spark that no other anime had at that time.

Now is the turn of Blue Lock, an anime that aims to be one of the spokon (sports anime) that hooks everyone as it happened with Hajime no Ippo or Slam Dunk in the 90 or haikyuu and kuroko no basket of the last decade . As with the previous ones, it will arrive in October of this year through Crunchyroll.

Bleach returns high

The most anticipated return of all is, of course, that of Ichigo Kurosaki , the main protagonist of an ancient work like herself: Bleach. The Saga of the Bloody War of the 1000 years aims For the criminal.

The new arc will include the truth about the Quincy, since they did not really die and ended up hiding in the Shadow area of Seireitei using their huge skills. Once they gathered enough power, the Wandenreich called themselves and, after this, they conquered the world of the holes. Pierrot will encourage this last arch and will premiere, of course, in October 2022.

Mob psycho 100, the final climax to an almost perfect work

Last but not much less important, we find a work that has increasingly fallen in love with the spectators who have seen the two previous seasons and who look forward to the end of Shigeo Kageyama and Reigen Arataka. The creator of One Punch Man raised a step at the narrative level with this work , creating an extremely powerful character as well as Saitama, but with a touch of feeling that will make us cry like never before.

It will be the October 6 when the last Shigeo stop in our lives arrives, since it will close the plot that left open in the second season and completely end the last loose ends that remain in history to Long, possibly, 12 or 13 chapters in which Bones will leave the soul to shine for the last time with our favorite psychic.

Other anime that will arrive this season and give what to talk about will be the following:

  • Mairimashita season 3
  • Season 2 of To your eternity
  • Golden Kamuy Season 4
  • Poputepipikku season 2

The developer of the Spirits and Elden Ring, Hidetaka Miyazaki, will certainly receive a prestigious prize for his occupation

If for something it is recognized to Fromsoftware it is for the Dark Souls saga, games like Bloodborne or recent launches such as Elden Ring, but behind the study there is an innovative mind that has actually turned into one of one of the most vital in the sector of the sector of Computer game: Hidetaka Miyazaki .

Its influence is rewarded in the industry in Japan they want respected of the Japanese sector. The major reason? Having influenced the way he has actually done it to computer game and also the style he handles.

Beginning with Satanic force’s Spirits, the consistent game style of high difficulty remains to captivate fans and also opening up brand-new paths in the category, says the company. His last job from him, Elden Ring, is the end result , accomplishing a top quality that far surpasses the previous works and having actually gotten wonderful praise from customers worldwide, becoming excellent success.


The prize for his trajectory will be given at the end of this month of August, although Miyazaki himself has acknowledged that he does not recognize why Elden Ring is much more played than the Souls. The Japanese creative already prepares his following jobs , having actually declared that he is seeking to explore a fantasy with a greater level of abstraction than he seen thus far.

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