Xbox Game Pass is a computer game subscription solution from Microsoft for use with its Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One consoles, Windows 11 and Windows 10, as well as Android and iOS tools by means of Xbox Cloud Gaming. Xbox Game Pass gives users accessibility to a rotating catalog of games from a variety of publishers as well as other premium solutions, including Xbox Live Gold as well as EA Play, for a solitary regular monthly subscription cost. The solution was introduced on June 1, 2017 while Xbox Live Gold customers obtained priority access on May 24. Clients of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have accessibility to Xbox Cloud Pc Gaming since September 15, 2020.

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With the Microsoft Xcloud , you can currently already games via Mobile stream, provided you are owned by a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. A few weeks ago, it was also announced that the streaming service at the end of the year also appears on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

Thanks to an upgrade, the offer could soon be more interesting for you. How to look out for an interview with the side The Verge, Microsoft has changed the service now. Means the Xcloud is now complete on the hardware of the Xbox Series X. The changeover has been started in summer and is now completed.

Small upgrade, big effect

What the changeover for you means: The changeover offers above all one, especially much potential for the future of the Xcloud. Before you can retrieve the same power without buying the Series X via Streaming, the offered resolution of the service must change.

Currently games are streamed via Xcloud with 60fps and a resolution of 1080p. A 4K option is not available, but what could change in the future.

General information about Cloud Gaming on the smartphone is you experiencing here:

If streaming is offered via Xcloud with a higher resolution, you will soon play on your Xbox One Xbox Series X / S s Next Games with all the advantages of the new hardware.

Players who have not yet dared the change, due to the scarcity could not get enough or for other reasons against the console, as far away from the abo fees could rely on the benefits of the potent hardware, but also with certain disadvantages (eg minimum Input delays) that brings streaming with it.

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Information about the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

If the Ultimate Game Pass, with which you can use the Xcloud, says nothing, we have all the important information summarized for a great overview. Here you will learn more about the price, the games offered, as you can cancel the service and of course, for what the Ultimate is in the name.

Do you already use the Xcloud and what do you say to the Series X-Upgrade of the Service?