Currently, Alan Wake Remastered is now available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Although at the moment there is nothing official, A new record has pointed out that this title would arrive at Nintendo Switch in the future.

According to the Official Site of the ESRB, organization responsible for the classification of games in the United States, Alan Wake Remastered would arrive at the Nintendo Switch in the unseenable future . Although at the moment there are no details, this is likely to be through a version for the cloud.

Remember that Remedy has already led Control to the switch through the cloud, so There is the possibility of seeing a similar job with alan wake remastered . Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have more information and, considering that this record does not have a description and it seems to be separated from the original, there is also a possibility that this is an error.

We only have to wait for Remedy Entertainment to clarify this situation . On related topics, you can check our review of alan wake remasctered here.

Editor s note:

Although having An Wake Remastered at Nintendo Switch sounds like something quite interesting, the visuals at 4K would be lost in this port. Similarly, a version for the cloud is not attractive. This not only limits the distribution of the game, but it forces you to always be connected to the Internet, thus eliminating the portability of this console.

Via: ESRB.