Microsoft has published additional lineups in the second half of October 202 in October 19, 2002, Xbox Game Pass , where the corresponding game title is all-you-can-eat game titles.

Long-awaited AOE iv newly added from the first day of release

Leave magic and upgrade from the first day of the release, using magic and upgrades, retro rogue FPS INTO THE PIT , the boy and girls in the 1990s summer, the mystery of the monsters Following Microsoft s real-time strategy sequel AGE OF EMPIRES IV , US Prob-Bass Fishing Tournament Official Works Fishing Fishing Changes, Microsoft s Real-Time Strategy Continuing AGE OF EMPIRES IV , US Prob-Bass Fishing Tournament Operational Works, Real Time Strategy Continuing, Relic Entertainment, Relic Entertainment Developed and Resist Four simulation Bassmaster Fishing 2022 appeared.

Besides, the Windows 10PC version of the RPG shooter OUTRIDERS for up to three cooperative plays, and the arc system works developed by the animation version of the arc system works development Dragon Ball Fighters (Console Version) Additional additions.

Let s play the cloud version with touch operation without controller

In addition, in the cloud-compatible game that has become available from Japan to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate , touch operation is ART OF RALLY Gears Tactics Dragon Add newly add to 13 such as 0 . Currently, more than 100 works can be enjoyed by touch operation without preparing the game pad. Completely supported works can be checked here for the official site.

Additional lineup

October 19

INTO THE PIT (PC / Console / Cloud)


October 21

Dragon Ball Fighters (Console / Cloud)

Echo Generation (PC / Console / Cloud)

Xbox 360 Exclusive Games RTS Games YOU have to try

EVERSPACE 2 (Game preview version) (PC)

October 28

Age of Empires IV (PC)

Alan Wake s American Nightmare (PC / Console)

Backbone (console)

BassMaster Fishing 2022 (PC / Console / Cloud)

Nongunz: DOPPELGANGER EDITION (PC / Console / Cloud)

The Forgotten City (PC / Console / Cloud)

The details of Xbox Game Pass that Ultimate, such as 1,100 yen / both corresponding + cloud, such as the Xbox console and PC, etc. can be used for Xbox Game Pass . You can check the corresponding title list here.