YouTube (formerly known as YouTube Spotlight and YouTube on YouTube) is the official YouTube channel, it is used to highlight videos and events on the YouTube video publication website. Some of the events that have been carried out on the canal include the YouTube Comedy Week and YouTube Music Awards on the channel, videos are published, including Youtube Nation episodes and Youtube Rewind annual versions.
On November 2, 2013, YouTube Spotlight briefly outperformed the Canal Pewdiepie, to become the channel with the highest number of subscriptions on the site. Amounted to the first position for pre-selection as a subscription option when making the registration of new users on YouTube. [1] During the month of December 2013, the Canal and Pewdiepie competed for the first position, until Pewdiepie managed to secure her December 22th. Until June 2017, the Canal has obtained more than 28.9 million subscribers and 1.9 billion reproductions. [2] The channel is currently ranked as the 44th channel with more subscribers-

During the last 16 years, God of War has become one of the largest PlayStation franchises, but the series may not have been so successful if he had gone in a different direction. Original Inos of the war The director of the game, David Jaffe, revealed in a recent delivery of his Youtube series Gabbin + Games that he had initially planned for the game to be an adventure in the first person. Inevitably, the team was decided by the third-party perspective that has been a basic element of the series since 2005, but the game was an experience almost significantly different from which fanatics were able to enjoy in Playstation 2.

For a long time, for about four … ehh, three months, I was seriously considering going in first person. And the game I was seeing was a game of dreamcast (I think I m pronouncing well, it s called maken x ). It was not the best game in the world, but it was one of the few games in which I saw body to body well-made in a first-person perspective, and I thought it would be a great way to differentiate ourselves … but I think, ultimately, It simply became difficult to get the kind of emotion and combat and the type of construction of the character I expected to do. Then, I can not imagine that this idea survives enough to introduce it to Tim Moss, the main programmer. I think that when it came to Tim, it was a third-party game, Jaffe said.

Of course, dios de la war became a commercial and critical success for PlayStation, which led to multiple sequels, including the very expected next year Inos of the war: Ragnarok . It is very possible that the game has yet been a success with a first-person perspective, but there is simply no way of knowing if that would have been the case.

The videogame industry is full of stories like this, and it is always interesting to hear about what could have been. Jaffe mentions the difficulty of building the character in the first person, and that is very true. A large part of the attractiveness of Kratos comes from the personality of him, and it is difficult to say if that would have been transmitted so well in the first person as in third person. That could certainly have been a difficult challenge!

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