Among US , the game Revelation of last year, puts towards Sony and Microsoft consoles. On December 14 you can play the town sleep of the 21st century at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. In addition, it will be from its release at Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft and Sony have given the news simultaneously, accompanied by two sympathetic arts with the astronauts of the game playing with PS5 and climbing an Xbox Series X.

In addition, in the PlayStation versions there will be a exclusive cosmetic based on RATCHET & CLANK .

All versions of Among US in consoles will have a cross-game with those of PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Game Pass for PC), mobile and Nintendo Switch , with rooms for up to 15 players including the plane map, That was the last weight update of the Game of Innersloth.

Among Us really came out in 2018, but it was quarantine (and rather at the end of summer 2020) when it exploded with an incredible strength, something that surprised its creators, a team of four … and left them burned .

Although not at the levels of before, Among US is still popular today , with about 10,000 players in Steam. And according to NPD GROUD, it was the eighth game that most people played at least once during the month of September in consoles or PC.

If you want the epic note, at the end of the year you will come out editions in physical format of Among US for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. In any case, on mobile is free, and it is one of the applications and games you surely have (or you should have) installed on your mobile.

Among Us was a phenomenon whose friendly crew members are part of the collective imaginary, and have been used in schools to teach grammar.

So recognizable are, that a chicken nugget with AMONG crew member was sold for thousands of dollars.