Diablo 2 rankings were aggregated by integrating Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Reviews.

Diablo 2 of Diablo 2 last month was indirectly showed that demand for nuclear & slashes that fulfills the enemy of the entire item and that the demand for nuclear & slashes that poured various items was higher than expected. However, in Korea, there was not many PC Online New itself, but the domestic new work of the nuclear & slash action seemed to be broken in Lost Arc. However, this time, there is a new domestic work that has been successful in the first entry of the first test in the first test stage. This week s 48th,

Larger the Unembre, the Diablo has a game property that seems to mix pass of the pass of an executive. The action, which is the progress of the progress of the progress or skill to be deployed based on the act, and the action that sweeps the monster flock is reminiscent of Diablo and combining the link rune and the skill rune, It seems to be. Differentiation points are highly freedom, which does not have a profession that is not a profession.

In fact, the Unidemer has increased the portal search quantity this week, and the interest in the game is greatly increased to the test started on the 13th. According to the Line Games announcement, more than 300,000 people participated in this test, and in the market situation, which is a mobile center, it is necessary to assess that it was a game based on its own IP based on its own IP, Can be.

It was time to overlap the negative competition on the main competition here. Diablo 2 has not been eliminated from the immediately after the release, and Roast Arc had time to breathe with a power of raid difficulty with the user s pointed out between the users. Pass of Exile is a step of restoring the unconclence of the last season and has been recovered by the lost treasure. In this situation, the unlisted gamer to find another game that is a replacement is approached to a substitute.

Collection type RPG mode, HASSTON

Hustains that were pushed for 50th place were returned to 3rd weeks in 3 weeks. The driving force appears to be from the new mode Yongbok released on 13th. The use of the mercenary is a mode such as a collection type RPG, but it is aiming to deliver a genre fun other than a card game, such as a battlefield called Duto Chers . This week, Has Stone has increased PC room usage and individual broadcast viewers, and it is a part that can indirectly confirm that the returned user is not small.

Original Hasston started in Blizzard as a game that proves that we can quickly create and launch to a small team without liability. But now it is a state in the state of being responsible for Blizzard sales. The production team says he wants to make a platform that embraces several ways with a card with a card with a domestic medium, which seems to be a long-term strategy of Hasston, which Blizzard established. The enemies were the first stage to test this strategy, and the initial performance is not bad. However, Hasstone has to watch the following streams since it has shown weakness for a long time ago.

In this week, the number of days in the middle of this week, the number of euthanal returns that showed a frustrated walk and the risen roads rose to the 21st. Eternal returns fell to 29th in June, and it has been uneasy, but the collaboration with Kakao Games has been recovered from early August, which has been in full-fledged, revealing the momentum and stability in the service. The main contents of the season 4 update in November, which come here, are revealed, and the interest in the game is also analyzed. The back of the Eternal Return Developer, the Nurvent, is the intention to take care of North America and European services with Cacao Games,

In the subordinate, the Altovit entered 47th. AltoVit has been completed in 2014, but the news of resuming services on the last 13 days. As a result of processing a roller, it is a way to combine racing and rhythm games in the time of processing racing and rhythm games, and it is difficult to find a large popularity for users at the time of service, and now it is difficult to browse alternatives. AltoVit has increased its portal search volume this week, and the gamers of gamers who have come up with old memories are intended to be concentrated. However, it is not long to be a longer after rejection, and I can not guarantee the box office, just like the Grand Chase case, just as long as I was pushed out early.

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