Xbox One is the third desktop video console of the Xbox brand, produced by Microsoft. It is part of the eighth generation video consoles, was presented by Microsoft on May 21, 2013. [6] It is the successor of the Xbox 360 and the predecessor of the Xbox Series X and Series S. currently competes with Sony PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Nintendo Switch. Your exit for sale was November 22, 2013 [7] at a price of 499 dollars. [8]
The current console firmware is 10.0.17133.2020 (RS4 RELEASE XBOX DEV 1804.180418-1415), where there are more video output options, there is a new level of interactivity of Mixer, you can share catches on Twitter, there are open tournaments, They can put the themes at a schedule, there are improvements to the narrator, improvements in Edge, there is more immersive audio and there is an advanced filtering for club owners. [9]
On July 16, 2020, Microsoft officially announces that the production of the Xbox One is completely ceased in all its versions, except for the original model of the Xbox One S. [10] but announced that the Xbox Live service will still be present in The service of the console. As well as the functions of Xbox Game Pass and Games With Gold, it also mentioned that the remaining units and sales of the repertoire of the console worldwide until the repertoire is finished.

Available since June on PC, Backbone will occur soon on consoles with an exit timed on October 28 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, with passage on the Game Pass. The game will be eligible for a French translation to the passage, waiting to point to Switch, Mac and Linux.

A good news for investigative games and depressive cops as in canardo and other blacksad , since the game had carved a pretty reputation in our columns at the time of the exit. It will be followed by the Grades of Howard Lotor, a private raccoon, in a dystopic vancouver inhabited by animals. The starting point for a profound personal history, on funds for changes and transformations. Note that the game will offer a promotion period on Steam for Halloween, or -25% for the period from October 28 to November 1.


Backbone – Trailer Launch Next-Gen