Microsoft has just unveiled the Xbox Game Pass program for the second part of the month of October. A delivery marked by the Event Exit of Age of Empires 4 on PC but also accompanies by some surprises.

Xbox Game Pass Walkthrough

Among the newly announced titles, we will find the combat game Dragon Ball Fighterz from 21 October, at the same time as the tour adventure per turn Echo Generation and that the open world of Everspace 2 whose anticipated access only concerns the PC. But it was October 28 that the feast will take place with no less than six additions to finish the month. Among them, the exit Event of Age of Empires 4 Of course but also recent titles like the point & click Backbone and the narrative adventure game The Forgotten City , warmly recommended Temporal loop lovers.

Microsoft takes advantage of this new wave of games to emphasize that more than 100 games are now compatible with custom touch controls for those who would like to try Xbox Cloud Gaming on their mobile device as part of their Ultimate subscription.

In the direction of departures, a selection of seven independent games will leave the subscription on October 31, including the popular Celeste .

| Soon available on the Xbox Game Pass |

They will leave the Xbox Game Pass

| October 31