Although the Xbox Game Pass is still the best subscription service at the moment, we constantly see new competitors in this market, with the proposal of nvidia , known as GeForce Now, each time providing better options for users. In this way, a new level of subscription was recently announced, which has been described as a better option compared to an Xbox Series X.

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Recently, Nvidia announced that GeForce Now Superpod computers can run cloud games that make use of an RTX 3080. This would provide you with the option of 120FPS to a latency of only 56MS . In comparison, an Xbox Series X can reach 60FPs with 93MS. These tests were carried out using Destiny 2.

Although this sounds like a very good news, there are a number of barriers that can not be easily overcome. To begin, NVIDIA has indicated that you need a 40 Mbps connection to run games at 4K with HRD , and with 35 Mbps you will have access to 1440p and 120fps. Similarly, latency will depend on the distance with the company s servers. Finally, this service has a price of $ 99.99 for six months.

Although in theory the new level of GeForce Now means that you would have a first level performance, comply with all the requirements is something that not everyone can achieve , especially considering that this service is not available worldwide. At the moment it will be better to keep the Xbox Series X.

On related topics, this would look at SWITCH games in 4K thanks to the DLSS. Similarly, Nvidia s artificial intelligence has created a map for GTA V.

Editor s note:

Although streaming services make games available in an accessible way, there are several barriers that make this process complicated to run correctly. The best thing is to continue using consoles.

Via: Engadget.