Microsoft hXbox Series announced the four games that are part of the line Games with Gold in November, available for all subscribers to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game PXbox Seriess Ultimate, service that includes both for 12.99 euros a month. Once you are added to the Bilbioteca, we can download them and play them whenever we always want us to subscribe to one of the two Microsoft subscription services, being able to enjoy them both on Xbox One and Xbox Series.

The four games of the month

One of the four games we can download in November with our subscription will be Moving Out, a fun and crazy cooperative simulator that will test our skills Xbox Series stevedores. It is developed by the small SMG Studio studio, and is ideal for those who have enjoyed the Overcoooked saga, for example. It will be available throughout the month of November, from day 1 to 30, specifically.

We will also have available Kingdom Two Crowns, a monarch simulator in which to manage and expand our kingdom in a medieval atmosphere that will take us even to feudal Japan. We can download it from November 16 until December 15.

Xbox - November 2021 Games with Gold
Meanwhile, the other two games that are part of this monthly rotation of the Games with Gold arrive from the generation of Xbox 360, being able to play them both in Xbox One and Xbox Series thanks to the retraction of both consoles. One of them is Rocket Knight, a curious platforms that supposes a review of the Konami clXbox Seriessic for Mega Drive releXbox Seriesed in 1993. The other will be LEGO BATMAN 2 DC Super Heroes, a faithful game to the clXbox Seriessic proposal of TT Games with the different licenses represented with the pieces of the popular Danish company, namely: action, platforms, exploration and simple puzzles for the whole family.

Moving Out, available from November 1 to November 30 at Xbox One and XOBX Series S / X
Kingdom Two Crowns, available from November 16 to December 15 at Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X
Rocket Knight, available from November 1 to November 15 at Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X
LEGO BATMAN 2 DC Super Heroes, available from November 16 until November 30.