Dragon Ball Z: Budokai is a series of 3D fighting video games based on the popular manga and anime Dragon Ball, and its Sub-Series Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. All videogames were developed by DIMPS and distributed by Atari and Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Fans of Dragon Ball have marked the year 2022 as a key date on the franchise. At the moment, we have confirmed the premiere of the new series movie, but you imagine that the anime also returns through the big door? Dreaming is free!

For now we will focus on betting on insurance, the new feature film of Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation. We are talking about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the new bet of the franchise!

To date, we have barely seen some designs, a short teaser and a small trailer that reveals the intentions of Akira Toriyama and the cat company for this new adventure of are Goku. In addition, the controversy is already served, since it will be the first canonical film of the series in CGI.

Of course, computer work seems to sit well with the tape, at least after enjoying the first trailer that showed us at the new york comic with. But that is not all…

During this event, we also revealed new characters designs. If a few days ago we talked about the design of bulma or that of karin, today we have to point a lot, a lot, much higher. Do you see it already? Yes, it is the Atalaya de Kami Sama !

And it is that the good of dende will also be present in the new film of the work. Just below you can take a look at the definitive design of the character, which will be shown much more grown than seen in recent years, resembling the dende of 28th martial arts tournament and even Dragon Ball GT. You do not believe it? Behold!

NEW Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Animated CLIP (DBS 2022 Movie) (Trailer)
It was time for Dende to hit the stretch, which domestone up and down of stature has had the character (although it gives for another news apart, that he has the crumb from him). Have you molted the final result? Will we see other characters as GOTEN and TRUNKS Paste the lug in the film (wink, wink)?

We said goodbye for today, with a good taste of mouth when thinking about everything good that can give us Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. And you? Do you also show optimistic by the new Akira Toriyama tape or do you prefer to walk with more caution? Kai, Kai !