Klauts is sure that it will succeed the first compulsory Pielniedlage after 2: 4 in penetration shooting against the HSV well. The processing process is almost completed. The boys made a good impression yesterday, of course they are tired. But still they were very clear and with the head towards Darmstadt. Nobody said he could not play.

At the view of the rearview mirror, the 36-year-old praised his protégés despite the defeat, they have found emotion, activity and passion for better balance in the game. The previous course of the season calls Klauts as a result of the good mix in his team, which was also together in addition to the field and in which there is no grouping. And very important is also patience and continuity for coaches and team and development. To be able to work in peace, is a high.

At the moment we do not reap, at the moment we are still on sowing and plowing and fertilizing and watering.

Robert Klauß

Whether he with the club now the harvest rides? At the moment we do not reap, at the moment we are still on sowing and plowing and fertilizing and water, said the young coach, but it s time to do fun, to do the daily work on the field. It builds really something, we may now have a small tractor instead of a whisper we pull over there, but we have not yet the fully automatic machine, warned Klauts before too much euphoria.

Mix from freshness and stability

Of course, at the Hesse can be there Tom Krauß, who was allowed to leave the hospital after his concussion, but continues under medical observation. His downtime is still unclear, the question of replacement for the midfield engine was unanswered the Club coach unanswered and otherwise do not look into the (installation) cards: We will certainly change one or the other position, but not completely rotate, We also need stability in our processes. There should be a mix of freshness and stability.

Quite critically, Klauts realized that after the cupfight only a short breaking out: The rhythm is new with 2 days break. When the exposure came out, we have asked as a club with the DFL after the Why was asked. : That s just like that. We have to accept that. It is the challenge to face, primarily mean this overcoming in the head and discipline to exist in such a game.

In the lilies at which Christian Mathenia will return between the posts, his team expect a home-strong opponent with a goal-threatening Sturmduo – Philipp Zietz (11 matches) and Luca Pfeiffer (10) – as well as a dangerous standard shooter (Tobias Kempe), it will Arrive to brake the determination of the Hesse. We want to show a reaction in Darmstadt, want to take every point, Klauß said.

If this succeeds, the club would continue to continue the performance series. Whether Klauß on the Böllenfalltor after the first defeat will appear there in a new dress and his happiness sweater belongs to the past? We are excreted, but I just think about it in my head, we re still unbeaten in the league, smelled the coach and confessed, superstitious. No, he will keep his outfit on.