Several anime franchises have appeared in several sports fields, such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Berserk and Attack on Titan frequently entering the worlds of NBA, NFL, UFC and many other professional sports leagues. Now it seems as if pokemon has entered the world of professional football with the star of Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, giving a great recognition to one of the most popular pocket monsters in recent years, who uses his master s degree in Ninjutsu to do things that few other Pokémon could do in videogames. and the anime series.

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In a recent interview, professional footballer reveals that he has been obsessed with the pokémon xyz anime, pointing to his love for greninja and referring to a gym leader who took Ninjutsu to stay close to the aesthetics of the pocket monster similar to a Amphibian that would adhere to the shadows:

«Greninja is my favorite Pokémon. I also heard this silly phrase from a YouTuber Pokémon. Something about Koga returns to me? Who is Koga? »

Koga, for those who may not know, is the gym leader of the facilities of the city of Fuchisa, and the coach appeared in pokémon red and blue, golden and silver pokémon and Pokémon Xyz respectively. In the initial battle of him, Ash Ketchum was able to defeat Koga in a one-to-one fight, although it was briefly interrupted by Team Rocket, as is the case of many of the previous battles of Ash.

Greninja has become incredibly popular over the years, with the unique style of the amphibian that makes it a perfect fit for the franchise and recently appeared in the world of live action during pokémon: Detective Pikachu. During the anime, Ash was able to catch a greninja himself during his travel, although like the other creatures he has captured over the years, the frog-shaped fighter was eliminated from his main list, but recently he made a Appearance in viajes Pokemon When many of Ketchum s old friends returned.

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