Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft registration service for use with Xbox One and Xbox Series game gaming consoles, in addition to on Windows 10 and also 11. Describes as the NetFlix for video clip games, the Xbox Game Pass allows Gamers to have accessibility to a game catalog of various publishers for a solitary monthly subscription cost. The solution was introduced on June 1, 2017, while clients at Xbox Live Gold got priority gain access to on May 24. At the E3 2019, Microsoft introduces the arrival of the Xbox Game Hand Down computer, at first in beta as well as in the Ultimate version. The solution accounts for 27 January 2021 greater than 18 million clients.

Microsoft starts today Xbox ALCCESS in Germany. So you can get from now on the Xbox Series X or S along with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the subscription. For the subscription with the Xbox Series X you pay 32.99 euros a month, the subscription with the Xbox Series S costs 24.99 euros a month. First, the subscription should be available exclusively via Cyberport. Other shops should follow soon.

At Cyberport, the offer is currently not visible, but that should change soon. The Xbox Store already points to this page:

Xbox Game Pass Controller!
Xbox ALCCESS XBOX Series X with Game Pass Ultimate Get at Cyberport

The term for the subscriptions is 24 months. Then you can keep the console. If you take the 12.99 monthly, which the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs monthly monthly, so you pay 20 euros in the month or 480 euros in two years for the Xbox Series x or 12 euros per month or 288 euros in two years for the Xbox Series S. In the case of the Xbox Series X, you even get a bit cheaper with the subscription than at the single purchase. More about Xbox ALCCESS you can learn directly at Microsoft:

Xbox ALCCESS: To the info in the Microsoft Store

What does the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate contains the Game Pass for PC and the Game Pass for Console, each offering immediate access to several hundred games. First-party titles from Microsoft are immediately at the release day. This will also apply to the Forza Horizon 5 appearing on November 9th and the Halo Infinite appearing on 8 December. These games remain permanently in the subscription. Third-party titles usually come later and can change.

In addition, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are also Xbox Live Gold, which you need for the online multiplayer, as well as EA Play. EA Play brings you great titles from Electronic Arts like Star Wars Jedi: Falling Order and Need for Speed ​​Heat.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the Microsoft Store

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