Also, this season Marc Rock plays no role in FC Bayern. Because of this, the central midfielder does not exclude a departure from Munich now.

As a hope for the headquarters, Marc Rock has now lost the connection to the starting elf in FC Bayern. In the current season, the 24-year-old did not have a single mandatory number for the record champion yet. In most games, it was not even enough for a place in the squad.

Marc Roca - Welcome to Bayern München - 2020/21
Nevertheless, Rock feels good in Munich, as the six has explained now. It sounds contradictory because I do not get the minutes I would like. I do not play with or take part, but honestly, I feel good, Rock said in conversation with Radio March.

His lasting reservoir roll at FC Bayern brings the former U21 European champion yet to think.

I never thought to leave Bavaria. But in the end comes a time in which all players want to play. I do not know what will happen in January or summer, Rock betrayed, honestly.

Rock wants to fight for room at Bavaria

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In the coming weeks, the Spaniard wants to recommend for applications under coach Julian Nagelsmann. I pay attention to the present. At the moment I try to train hard and bring the coach to change his mind, says Rock. He himself is in the best phase of his previous career.

I m looking forward to helping to help the team to see if I get the chance. I am always ready and training hard, added Rock, which was changed 2020 for around nine million euros from Español Barcelona to FC Bayern. Most recently, there were reports that a departure from FC Bayern in the upcoming winter break is very likely.