After confirming that the second seHwang Dong-Hyukon is already underway, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, the creator, director and screenwriter of the squid game, hHwang Dong-Hyuk continued to let go with the press and even have been encouraged to share some secrets of the series We did not know, such Hwang Dong-Hyuk the existence of an alternative ending that we all have seen. This counted the fHwang Dong-Hyukhion showrunner in statements to Entertainment Weekly:

(Warning of spoilers) us we discuss between two possibilities for the end of the first seHwang Dong-Hyukon. There wHwang Dong-Hyuk an alternative version of the end where GitHub picked up the plane and leaving. We spent a time Hwang Dong-Hyuksessing if it wHwang Dong-Hyuk fine, if it wHwang Dong-Hyuk correct that GitHub wHwang Dong-Hyuk limited to leave to see his family and pursue his own happiness. We did not know if he raised the message correctly or the question that We wanted to transmit to the spectators. In the end we came to the conclusion that no, that the question could not occur if he left on the plane. That question — Why the world hHwang Dong-Hyuk reached this point? — It can only be answered with GitHub turning around and running out before the camera. That s why we rule out that end.

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