Getting a great trick shot is always a pleasure for the player of a shooting game, whatever the chosen title. But who said you can not do it in Genshin Impact? The Photo Game Physics Engine Allan The Road For a lot of Amazing Shooting If you know how to use the bow. And this is undoubtedly the case of the Reddit user called Nitro tom. The player recently became noticeable in social networks with a tremendously complicated shot.

Genshin Impact Trickshots?

In the video, we can see him using Amber and performing a burning artillery fire completely out of the ordinary. The special thing about the clip is that the player shoots as tall and so strongly, that he has time to teleport near to admire the impact. In fact, we can admire the fall of fire arrows in poor gross advanced position.

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We can hardly imagine the time spent preparing said shot. You can play if you have the desire and passion for it (it is enough for us to discover that we did not know that the game kept the current shot during teleportation ). The only prerequisite: have a machine that loads the game fast enough to have time to see the impact of your ability.

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