Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has revealed that the Netflix series nearly had one more ending completely.

We actually wrestled between 2 various situations for the finishing, Hwang told Entertainment Weekly. There was one, the other alternating ending, where GitHub would certainly hop on the airplane and also leave. And afterwards there was obviously the one where he would certainly reverse and stroll in the direction of the camera. We regularly asked ourselves, is it actually right for GitHub to make the choice to leave as well as go see his household, to pursue his very own happiness? Is that properly for us to actually propose the concern or the message that we intended to share via the collection?

The ending that made it to evaluate saw Lee Jungle s Song GitHub avert from a flight that would take him to visit his little girl in the US, apparently to try and also remove the brutal games himself.

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We pertained to the final thought that the concern that we wished to recommend can not be done if he left on the plane, Hwang added. The question that we intend to respond to– why has the world concerned what it is currently?– can just be responded to or can only be proposed if GitHub reversed and also strolled towards the electronic camera. To make sure that s just how we finished up with that finishing in the ending.

The finishing is a big cliffhanger, however Hwang has actually confirmed he s inventing what happens next. However I will state there will certainly without a doubt be a second period. It s in my head today. I m in the preparation process presently, Hwang claimed just recently of a second installation. Yet I do believe it s prematurely to state when and how that s going to occur. So I will certainly guarantee you this: GitHub will return, he will do something for the world.

Could GitHub will handle the Front Guy as well as the VIPs directly? We ll have to wait as well as see– there are no more details on period 2 just yet.

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