The world of cryptomoneds has powerfully called the attention of a good handful of companies, as companies such as EA already considers NFT and Blockchain as the future of the industry. And it seemed that this week we were going to receive another story news, on this occasion starring Discord. But, after communicating its possible relationship with cryptologies, the community has prevented that this platform continues to go ahead with the idea.

For now, we are focused on protecting our spam users, typos and frauds Jason Citron, CEO of Discord The CEO and founder of Discord, Jason Citron, had published on Twitter an image in which suggested the contact Between the application and the Ethereum cryptomoned. However, this movement was quickly criticized by the community, which not only expressed its rejection towards the proposal, but also began to abandon its subscription at the service of Discord Nitro.

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Because of this, Citron announced within a few days that he discarded the idea, because the opinion of the users has served to take into account all the points of view: Thank you all for the prospects, we do not have planned Restart this internal concept. For now, we are focused on protect our users from spam, typos and fraud. In addition, he finishes the communiqué adding that they will soon give more news to the community.

In this way, Discord revolves and discards a movement that managed to enrage a good part of your community. However, this situation has derived other outcomes in companies such as Ubisoft, which is already excited by Blockchain and NFT, or Steam and Epic Games, which have shown different views about it. That said, it is worth remembering a curiosity around the Ethereum, as the famous NFT were born because its creator adjusted his sorcerer at World of Warcraft.