Rich Paul, the agent of Ben Simmons, has sharply criticized the recent behavior of the Philadelphia 76ers. The team care with its actions that the mental problems of his clients get worse.

Simmons did that the Mixers want to feel let him explain by a team of psychologists to fit, to force him to play, even if he was not ready. This Simmons to feel harassed. This said Paul on Thursday to The Athletic.

I truly believe that the fines that targeted attacks that negative publicity on this issue — all this is very unnecessary and has the mental health problems of Ben tightened, said Paul, CEO of Clutch Sports. Either you help Ben, or do you say that he is lying. What both should it be?

An employee of the Mixers took this statement on Thursday already over The Athletic position and said it was absolutely not the case, would the team Simmons force them to return or accuse him of lying. It will only be expected to participate activities team at all until it information of a psychologist or are from Simmons himself, which excludes him from it.

Rich Paul: It is no longer a trade

For the 25-year-old who had not been ready to play this season, there is no anvisiertes return date, but he had signaled to the team that he would return when he feels ready. Simmons has participated in individual workouts, shoot-arounds and some other activities.

In this case we need to get help Ben and not Finance on the mental health provide, Paul said. As an agent I understand contractual obligations and keep me in this business responsible. But if someone tells you something, then you can at the present time do not represent blindly.

Paul continued: This is not longer a trade point is to help Ben about to regain his mental strength and to play again I want him to play the game again, he loves It s not mean… matter whether he does it in the jersey of the Mixers or in another jersey, but he should be ready. We want to cooperate and keep working, that he can play again.

Paul said, moreover, that he appreciated the Mixers as an organization and hope that you can work together on the problem. Simmons called for in the off season a trade, but so far nothing has changed in that respect. The Mixers hope officially on that Simmons can be integrated back into the team.

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