Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is an open-world video game developed by Scottish Workshop Superstar North. The global magazine by Superstar Games for PlayStation 3 and also Xbox 360 happened on September 17, 2013. It is the total eleventh part of the video game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA) GTA well GTA the fifth almost all. GTA V plays in the make believe city of Los Santos, which estimates Los Angeles GTA well GTA apologies. Los Santos is situated in the fictitious state of San AndreGTA, which resembles Southern California and formerly the scene of the fifth Grand-theft vehicle video game Grand Theft Vehicle: San AndreGTA wGTA. For the very first time in serial history, the player controls three various protagonists.
Regarding 2 weeks after start of sales, Superstar Games switched over the multiplayer part Grand Theft Auto online through an upgrade free, in which approximately 16 gamers can play together. With the socket for Xbox One and also PlayStation 4, this restriction wGTA included 30.
GTA V broke numerous records of video game background: It currently achieved sales of even more than a billion United States dollars within just three days and therefore rescinded Telephone Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which brought just concerning fifty percent during this time. By November 2021, more than 155 million devices of GTA V could be offered, with Minecraft the second-high-selling video game of perpetuity. With a turn-over of over $6 billion, it is also the greatest sales audiovisual enjoyment medium of all time.

The franchise Grand Theft Auto is again in the candlestick — if it is ever to stop being- thanks to the recent releGTAe of GTA TRILOGY, the remGTAter of the trilogy that made history not only of the genre of the Sandbox in the generation of the 128 bits, but also of video games in general. This, attached to the fact that the incombustible GTA V continues to sell at an unstoppable rhythm, causes Take Two to think about it GTA a license that lGTAts many years, something that Strauss Selznick, CEO of the company, hGTApared to James Bond.

The stories of the most popular British secret agent of history go back nothing less than the 50s. Will GTA be able to lGTAt so much? Time will tell you, but of course this is the intention in Take Two, and not only with this saga, but also with others like Red Dead Redemption or NBA 2K, of which you are expected to continue selling to pins for many years.

I do not know if you ve seen James Bond s lGTAt movie, it s very good, and you want each franchise to be like James Bond, Selznick said at a conference. There are only a few franchises in the entertainment that are capable of entering that category, but they exist, and I think GTA is one of them, but also Red Dead, and NBA, since bGTAketball is going to continue existing.

Take Two takes your time

The Rock is DEFINITELY a James Bond Movie
Meanwhile, Selznick adds that he is against annual deliveries in franchises that are not sports, due to the risk of a certain feeling of saturation. He uses, again, agent example 007.

I have always said that annualized non-sports franchises you run the risk of burning intellectual properties even if they are good, so we take the time to do something we believe is incredibly phenomenal, and we also leave our titles resting intentionally with What there is a growing demand for that game, becoming a special event, says Selznick. I m going to see a Bond movie because I know there will be no other in two months, and I m going to see them all.

Evidently, it is just questioning time that a sixth GTA delivery arrives, although the rumors have been circulating and years, especially about their setting. However, everything seems to indicate that in Take Two there are no hurries, given the great commercial performance of both GTA V and its online GTApect.