Sherlock Holmes: Game in the color (original title: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, also known as Sherlock Holmes 2) is a British-American journey thriller and also the continuation of the film Sherlock Holmes. He had globe best on 14 December 2011 in Hong Kong; In the USA and the United Kingdom, the movie has actually started on 16 December 2011. The main staged launch in Germany got on December 22, 2011. Like its precursor, Sherlock Holmes 2 is a plasticity and also no straight movie adjustment or adaptation of an Arthur Conan Doyle s tales.

Sometimes the stars in the right position in the may get pelattavakseen the game, it s certain as well that the Maltese fall from his hands.

Ukrainian Frogwaresin the latest masterpiece, The Sinking City, took players on an unforgettable adventure Lovecraft reports a watery world. The work was divided opinions: some critics complained of technical problems, while others praised the game just the right kind of atmosphere. My game experience was quite button, so I decided to give The Sinking Citable a positive grade. Developer s last two Sherlock Holmes Series game, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil s Daughter and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, earned in the hands of experts young Sherlock both three stars.

This looks like a young Sherlock.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One ranks the 1880s, an imaginary city of Cordon. Mediterranean atmosphere on the island exudes a childhood spent Sherlock Sherry Holmes returns to the landscape of his youth with his friend Joni. For one reason or another man s childhood memories of the golden age are very vague, but a visit to gone, who died in mysterious circumstances of his mother s grave events begin to slowly recover from his mind. Young master detective now joutuukin to take advantage of all their skills to find out what happened to her mother.

is enough to do and things to see tens of hours

Pääjuoni offers do about 12-14 hours, which I think is just the right length. The story does not seem any point stretched, and found it unnecessary fillings. Our basic goal is Sherlock mother s fate Clearing. On the way to that end is to become a master detective to solve a few mysteries that afflict the inhabitants of Cordon. Immersive story held me in its grip so tightly that I could not stop the adventure — the intense gaming sessions which went on longer than planned. For the most part the report is lighthearted and a little assuaging to follow, but especially during the last scene of the corner of his eye began to accumulate strange moisture.

When the main quest is received through the available training opportunities, rolling up the final texts on the screen and the game ends. You should therefore make a new recording before moving loppuräminöihin, if you want to go on side missions enjoying the end of the main quest. The player is told yes subtly, at the end peeks behind the door, but in terms of the players, this tip may go unnoticed heat of adventure.

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In addition to the main quest there are dozens of different lengths of side quests, many of which offer puuhailtavaa for several hours. The amount is actually across from the heady: Game My time seems to estimate the time of writing more than 20 hours, and I have not done as a side tasks fraction of a — let alone find them all! These missions are scattered around the city, so you should keep your eyes open and ears corolla Cordon labyrinthine streets ran. These side quests are actually Sherlock Holmes Chapter One salt, and partially supported by the main quest. In just a few task introductions to Sherlock and Joni childhood antics. Sons of youthful mischief player while watching the familiar duo more deeply and learn to better understand their mental world.

Starring a very pleasing duo

I enjoyed immensely my time in the company of Sherlock and Joni. Jon (no Watson) is not only the comic side character, but he will contribute to the course of the adventure. The character of a man is relaxed emotional protective wall around it built the opposite of Sherry and balance, therefore, the relationship between the duo. Social situations are not covered otherwise so self-confident Sherlock strengths. The young man may seem snooty questioning the victims of crime, but after a visit sherry better revealed in a warm and very tykästyttävä character.

The young Sherlock appearance has caused quite a spinal among the players. I admit that I have never contemplated a good look around, how a young Sherlock Holmes might look like. However, I imagine his external habits in line with the version of the game. Dark-haired and gootahtava man is in any event a pleasure for the eye, looking so much like Adam Lambert handsome double essence of the creature.

If Sherry s new appearance is not satisfied, he can do the old and gnarled using fake uniforms.

Sherlock must decide a versatile table setting murders, theft and all sorts of other interesting cases of power. Examination of the crime is handled in the same manner as in The Sinking CityScan. First, the cause of the venue and collected evidence, then try the suspects as well as witnesses. When there are enough clues, Sherry re-create the crime situation and to put the events in the correct order on Joni s help. There s also a familiar and safe Mind Palace feature, combined with the evidence and concluded who is to blame and what is his motivation.

You never know, got into the right criminal behind bars

Crumbs of information poured into the player s neck quantities of it, so if you want to get the right rötöstelijän tightly behind bars, not the investigator concentration must not relax even for a moment. All information collected logs in to a kind of diary, but the player himself is able to analyze relevant information unnecessary debris. After believes that they have the right rötöstelijän kidskin, can be reached Sherlock beat counter in the facts face to face with the suspect. Alternatives guilty and motives are usually two or three pieces. The player is, however, not always disclosed, whether his choice was correct or not. I fell short of a few guilty of interfering with a person you think is the fate, since I was never quite sure whether they were behind the crime or not.

Victims need to investigate thoroughly.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One one of the best aspects is its difficulty level of malleability. For example, the examination can be adjusted easy or difficult, and there is also a do-it-yourself -vaikeustaso, where sections of a variety of difficulty can determine the desired level. The easiest difficulty level, the diary is displayed small icons that will guide players on how to proceed next. Options include, for example, the city s residents chatting, disguise dress or a police station in the archives tonkiminen. More severe difficulty level of these icons are not displayed, but the player will have to come up with all by yourself next move.

Fighting is not particularly bad, but it is completely unnecessary

Young Sherlock is able to brandish their fists and gun fire on the bad guys faithful themselves. During the battles raising not blindly hither and thither, and outreach should be used as a master for the benefit of their surroundings. For example, the enemies can be dazzled for a moment by shooting flour sacks that explode on an unsuspecting enemy s eyes. The idea is not to kill helmet, but the damage exactly, that Sherlock will be able to arrest them. It is, therefore, put aside all the lessons learned from the first-person shooter games: Keokuk no case may the end of the shoot, because it gets the assignment to go awry.

Clashes do not cause strong feelings one way or another, but still pretty smooth gently — even though I myself as the activities do not care. However, I simply can not understand why the game has been added to a fight. It is completely unimportant attribute, and does not bring absolutely nothing Starred. Perhaps the developers have wanted to attract toiminnantäyteisten räiskintöjen Sherlock couple of friends? In this case, the fight should have put more effort. I do not think that it encompasses rätätätäpumpuilijat violence will love this kind of fighting style. Fortunately, Gujarat can skip altogether, which is a little ugly precisely, definitely the best feature of the game. Preferences can easily adjust the quarrel completely off, or to turn acts, by means of which the start of the battle skippamaan capable of holding the bottom of the ESC key. Developers are also told that the failure to lose any of the content in between battles.

Cordon is breathtakingly beautiful!

Mediterranean Cordon is divided into many areas, and commendably large city is seen as a variety of environmentally always rich colonization manors migrants run-down slums. Every nook is teeming with life, and the streets are full of soulless look in his eyes again yes tarpovista people. In an open world seikkailtaessa times of day vary smoothly: basking blue waves in the loving embrace of Cordon is very beautiful to watch day and night.

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Any kinds of bugs, crashes or other technical problems during the game I do not multiplying the yen encountered. The only thing that causes wonderment pikkiriikkistä characters are funny-looking hair, but I m not entirely sure if this is the result of the game or wayward my computer.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is clearly the best video game that I ve played this year. Even the number of high-quality conclusion alone would earn top marks. When thrown, the still beautiful, open to the world, the main characters will appeal to both a compelling story, so the master detective fans can not help but squeal with delight. The work has a few minor flaws, but none bigger problem is not encountered, no matter how I looked critically creations.

So, where?

Only an unnecessary battle creates a small friction in the middle of my enthusiasm, which was why I had to think about the grade twice. I finally came to the decision that I am not vaccinating because of the fabric of the book, because violence is able to completely leave without punishment. Frog wares will rise as Sherlock s new adventures as one of my favorite developers, and the remains excited to wait for the next part of the game series. First, however, I will come to the Cool of OK linen s corner from this masterpiece.