Wow, is 17th year old and that will be celebrated as always. In addition to a nice buff and transmit cladding, you have the opportunity to counteract an iconic mob from Wow, which has taught the fear of the fear, especially in TBC Some players: the damn converter.

The world boss is located in the south of Tatars, with the caves of the time. So simply use the portal to the caves of the time, and you are already in front of the boss.

Loot, level limit and the special mount

McQueeb Subathon Day 1 (A) Isaac, Returnal
Already characters of stage 30 have the possibility to be able to loot from damn converter. Apparently you can get per character once a day Loot. You automatically receive the quest for damnation walls you have to act. This task does not have to be completed to get prey.
Wows 17th Birthday: How to get to the Eventless damn converter (3) Source: Icy Veins
Most players will be out of the dragon s Mount damnation falcon of the Billiard, after all, it may only be available over this event and then never again. According to information from Asian servers (where the event is already started today), the damnation falcon has a very low drop chance of about 1 percent. Any Loot from the damn converter is push-Loot and can not be traded with other players. Wows 17th Birthday: How to get to the Eventless damn converter (2) Source: Towhead beside the mount you have the chance to get a special transmit object (Aka mas cutting edge) and a toy (damn converter trophy socket). For characters of the stage 60, the event boss drops items with ITem level 220.

More information about the 17th anniversary of World of Warcraft is here!

After all, you have until December 6, to farm the dragon fold mount. Will you use your army on twinks and must up the damnable transducer until he reaches out his Drachenwalken-Mount? Write us in the comments.


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