Hallo Infinite is finally here, and its delay has not stopped the enthusiasm that has been accumulating for fans of FPS franchise for a long time. Multiplayer modes are now available in beta version and the full game will arrive shortly after, on December 8.

This Halo Infinite Wiki Guide will help you with many tips, tricks and useful information to play the last game of the series.

Halo Wiki Infinite Guide

Release Date: December 8, 2021
Developer : 343 sectors
Editor : Xbox Game Studios
Platforms : PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S.

General information

Can you play Halo Infinite for free? Replied
How to correct the error Your account is not authorized to play»
Download and install free multiplayer mode on Xbox and PC
Get credits and all microtransales prices
Reassignment of buttons, change controls and sensitivity

Halo Infinite campaign


Basic concepts of the multiplayer

Invite and play with friends
Check and replace the daily and weekly challenges
Explanation of the ranking system: How CSR works and at all levels

ULTIMATE RANKED GUIDE for Halo Infinite - EVERYTHING You Need to Know
Play multiplayer mode on split screen
All multiplayer game modes
How to level up the battle pass

Multiplayer personalization

Change the form and color of the IA
Get the Yuri Samurai armor
Get cosmetic rewards of the 20th anniversary
Customization of weapons
Customization of armor

Realization guides

Success guide of «Do some noise»

We will actualize our Wiki guide as we desert in Halo Infinite, so be sure to check soon.