In February 2021, Microsoft introduced the FPS boost feature for the Xbox Series X / S. This makes it possible to play selected downward-compatible games in higher frame rates than in the original. Mostly the frame rates are doubled with these titles (to 60 fps), even quadrupling in exceptional cases (to 120 fps).

What brings me the FPS boost? An overall more fluid and thus more pleasant gaming experience. Movements appear Liquid and the entire image is perceived as a smoother compared to 30 fps.

The technical background is quite bonded, because the respective game engine is feigned that the title is running in 30 fps, but in the background, however, the internal update rates are doubled. More about the background of the feature can you read in our review article for the FPS boost.

Note: This item is updated regularly
Last update of 16 November 2021: Microsoft has expanded 37 games with FPS boost.

All titles with FPS boost on the Xbox Series X / S

So far, there are 97 downward compatible games with FPS boost. In the following table you will find all the games with FPS boost and what advantage you on which console gets.

Further games should follow in the future. Important: The FPS boost is only possible for downward-compatible games, so title for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the original Xbox.

How to manually set FPS boost

Not every game has turned on the FPS boos automatically. If this was marked during a game in the top list, then you have to proceed as follows.

  1. First, ensures that you have selected 120 Hz or 60 Hz in Settings> General> TV & Output Options. Games 120 FPS can only benefit from the FPS boost if you also choose 120 Hz.
  2. Navigates to the game in the Xbox menu and presses the menu button.
  3. Select the option Manage game and add-ons in the open menu
  4. If there is in the options for downward compatibility and click on the box for FPS boost.

If you follow the instructions, every game that supports FPS boost with 120 fps should also be displayed exactly with this frame number.

More information about backward compatibility

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