Serge David Gary, born on July 14, 1995, in Stuttgart (Germany), is a German global footballer who currently develops on demonstrator at Bayern Munich.
Serge Gnabry is learned different clubs in Germany before leaving at toolbox FC at sixteen years in 2011. After 5 periods in England where it is not necessary, it returns to its native nation at the Welder Bremen. After a single season, it is hired by Bayern Munich in 2017, which promptly offers it to the TSG 1899 Cofferdam. Serge Gnabry then arrives in Munich where he won the double-championship dual in 2018-19 and after that the tripled by adding the Champions League the complying with season.
At the worldwide level, Serge Gnabry develops in all young German classifications from the under 17 years and also mark three objectives with each. He joined the Olympic Gaming of Rio 2016. In creating six goals, he aids the German delegation to climb to the final, lost versus the host country. A few months later, he recognizes his initial team cape in Germany, but returns with the option wants to win the 2017 Euro 2017. It is then essential as a structure of the German attack.

In the summer of 2019, Liam Morrison moved from Celtics U17 to Bavaria. On the breakthrough with the professionals, the 18-year-old Scot is still waiting. After all, the central defender was already allowed to grab the first team profile — and made a memorable encounter with Leroy Sané.

I ve covered Leroy Sané, Morrison looked back in an interview with the BBC to a training session and betrayed, I had just come back from an injury, and he pulled me apart.

Such experiences are particularly valuable for Morrison. That s why I wanted to come here — if you train with the top players, you will only be better, says the defender who plays for the U19 of the German record champion.

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If Morrison does not create the leap to the professionals, this would not be a world of overall for the youngster. As a small child, I always wanted to play with a top club in Europe, says Junior National: If Bayern is interested in you, it s hard to cancel. It s a great chance. If you can take it to the end, That s a bonus.

For a club like the FC Bayern to play awesome. But a change to the dealers must also give sense so that you can develop and improve as a young player, Morrison emphasized.

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Although Morrison lives in Munich for more than two years, he still has problems with the German language. I could definitely learn Chinese learning, the German language is like a rocket science, says the central defender: I can understand most of it, but talking to it is a whole new challenge.

In the obligation, Scouts of Bavaria were supposedly firmly convinced that Morrison brings the potential to a real superstar. Liam had many offers from well-known European associations. We are very glad that he has decided for us. He is a robust, physically strong defender who also plays a lot of quality, Campus Manager said John Safer.