Due to confirmed COVID-19 cases and arranged quarantine measures at the Berlin AK, the championship game Berlin AK 07 must be discontinued against BFC Dynamo, was the dry explanation of the Nov on Tuesday. This confirms what is already suggested over the past days.

Virtuelles Benefizspiel BFC DYNAMO vs FC Corona Covid-19
Explosive spread

The virus has spread uncontrollably with us in the team, commented Benjamin Both, technical director of the BACK, the situation towards the ROB. As explosive Back coach André Meyer described, who was still infected last week and was quarantined, the infection in his team. Since Thursday, his team had therefore no longer exercised before only seven players on the training place appeared on Monday.

However, more than twice as many actors are needed according to Nov regulations to add a lot. Therefore, now the cancellation. A catch-up date is not fixed yet, according to NOV Managing Director Holder Fuchs the committees work on we consider the situation in the individual national associations and will meet timely decisions for the coming weekend. A decision on the upcoming lots and possible catch-up appointments will probably exist according to the Prime Minister Conference on Thursday.