In February of this year, Square Enix surprised us with the announcement of a Royale Battle located in the Universe of Final Fantasy VII. The history of the game takes place for years before the events of the famous RPG, and leads us to fight to become the first member of Soldier, the elite body of Shira, from which they would be part Zack and Sephiroth.

FINAL FANTASY VII: THE FIRST SOLDIER - Battle Royale Gameplay (Android/IOS)
Integrates many famous elements of the franchise The game has finally reached our devices Android and IOS mobile devices and with a monetization free-to-play, accompanied by the already classic seaside system. These will arrive every three months and will have their own theme, adding new content, such as new styles or subjects. Players will get a range for qualifying items that will be decided at the end of each season. In addition, the season passenger will give us access to different rewards that we will unlock as we increase our level.

The game is now available to download for free In addition to seasonal passes, there will also be Shira credits to make us with different objects, lots or to reduce the time when eggs of Chicago It takes time to hatch. The game weighs around 1.5 GB installed and updated and is relatively demanding with the terminals, we will need a 64-bit device with Android 7.1 or higher and a minimum of 3 GB of RAM, in Apple devices, will be asked for a minimum of an iPhone 6S with 13.0 or higher and at least 2 GB of RAM.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier seeks to please fan of the franchise with a lot of elements of universe FFI: Famous locations As the mansion of Don Corner, the seventh heaven or the train cemetery, as well as add aspects and gestures based on iconic characters such as Cloud and FIFA. If you want to know more about the Battle Royale by Square Enix, these are the 5 keys that make it special, and if you want to start with good foot your trajectory for being the first soldier, you have available some of our first guides about FFI: The First Soldier.