Team17 and Over border Studio have announced that the Action-RPG Theresia will also appear in 2022 next to the PC for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Theresia plays in an urgent beautiful world and follows the mysterious Corvus, half-human, half-raven, who tries to put his lost memories together to save himself and the kingdom he once called his home.

The fight focuses on Corvuss ability to steal the pest weapons of his enemies and to use themselves for themselves. Perfect parades, dynamic evasive maneuvers and aggressive attacks are the core of challenges that Theresia has to offer.

Thymesia - Now coming in 2022

Theresia features:

Army diseases: As Corvus, players can take diseases of enemies and use them as deadly weapons.
Fighting struggles: Players must use their overall arsenal to avoid death; The evasion of attacks and parry at the right moment are crucial for survival.
A dark and deadly world: With his gloomy backdrop, Theresia gives the environments a very own character.
Earned enemies: The enemies mutant from the disease are twisted and incredibly hostile and demand the player on a step and kick out.
Replayability: The ability to customize Corvus and try different builds, as well as the many ends mean that no playing is like the other.

Find your memories and saves the kingdom in Theresia: