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Square Enix and Platinum Games jointly developed with TIER: AUTOMATA.. The player is a special appliance Babylon who is supposed to sleep by a huge legislation. I will capture it.

In this paper, we will deliver a play report (PC version) of Closed beta test phase 3 held from November 15th to 17th, 2021. We will convey the attraction of this work, such as tactics, platinum games like avoidance and attacks by the combination of weapons that are equipped.

Needed to have Yeshiva, who also participated in closed beta, how did you feel this work?

Basic knowledge of Babylons Fall !

Closed beta Test Phase 3 has played six quests from the base. In addition, PS5 version is added from this test, and multi-play functions on cross-platforms have been added.

After creating the character at the start of the game, the player will be a base for the Sendai Council Head of the Council Corps. At bases, we have content such as missions that can earn rewards by achieving quest orders and shopping and goals. Although the bases are at most times, they can be randomly allocated, but they can also gather with friends by using base codes.

The basic flow of this work is challenging quests with a quest at the base → collected members (up to 4 people). The quest not only receives yourself, but also to automatically match the quick match feature that participates in the quest recruited on the bulletin board.

In the quest, we will capture the Verse event where enemies appear while moving the map. Verse is prepared 4 to 5 times in one quest, and there is also a major boss that the enemy appears continuously, and a powerful boss appears. Resource management is important because the number of recovery pairs that can be used in the quest is determined.

Combination of equipment is infinite!

Weapons and armor accessories exist in the equipment of this work. Important is equipped power indicating that the larger the power, the higher performance. Equipment and basic parameters (such as HP maximum value rise) are also set for each equipment. In addition, there is a rarity (4 kinds of closed β and 5 types of product versions), and there is an additional effect for rarity equipment.

The weapon has five types of Sword, Hammer, Bow, Rod and Shield (Closed β point). Players can be equipped with four weapons in total, as well as two Gideon Arms installed in the machine.

Also, as the greatest feature of this work, The same weapon and the equipment used by the equipment are different. There are three types of techniques for techniques, Light attack Ghost Attack, and Ghost Attack, equipped with Gideon Arms Consumed SP Gauge It is a powerful technique to activate.

Ghost Attack can be triggered anytime if there is a gauge. Of course, it can be used to attack enemies and counterattacks during the downturn, as well as incorporating it into the combo along with light attacks and Heather tacks. In addition to natural recovery, SP will rise by applying light attacks and heavy tacks to enemies.

The type of equipment is rich anyway. Of course, any weapon uses, as well as a combination of additional effects, the width is unlimited, so its width is an infinity. SP Recovery Succeeded Ghost Attack more and more, raise the basic number, push with power, add multiple shields, and follow the number of players but also the number of players, say that there is a combat style It is not.

Due actual battle! Avoidance and enemy down are the key to victory!

It is a real work that infinite tactics born in combination of rich weapons, but it is also important to avoid attacks from enemies as well as attacks. As it can be avoided even during the attack, it is always important to be careful about the opponents attack behavior when you fight with multiple enemies, and you can see the opponents attack behavior.

In this closed β, I tried a combination of various weapons. Personally, I felt strongly in the rod ghost attack Energy Ball. Because SP consumption has high attack power, it is useful for revitalizing while being chased or surrounded by the other party.

In addition, the shields Heavy Tack Paris is temporarily triggered by triggering the enemys attack as you guess. In addition, the hammers ghost attack is a major strength that can be temporarily created a situation with the other party temporarily. Since this work is basically a plurality of opponents fighting, it will be important how to suppress enemy behavior while incorporating attacks with these characteristics.

Equipment style finally settled in this test is the light attack Sword, Heavy Tack Shield, Ghost Attack Rod Hammer. It is a style that makes a strong blow with the rod with a some continuous attack and beats an intense blow with a rod, and to go down the nasty enemy with a hammer.

NEW GAME! Babylon's Fall Gameplay - New Platinum Action RPG
Equipment sets the basic status and additional effects on SP. Turn the Heavy Tack to protect and cover the low power of faults with the power of blows with the power of the blow, was able to demonstrate very stable strength in this test. I have a shield because I was not good at avoidance, but if there are people who can aim for just attacking, it seems to be no problem even if you change the equipment. Im glad to be able to cover by thinking about the combination of equipment acquisition.

He also studied to observe the battle style of other people in order to see the equipment of players playing together in the quest. It is fun to have a different tactic by people.

Closed beta test phase 3 play report of Babylons Fall that has been introduced here. Platinum Games like nationality and unlimited strategy by combination of equipment are deep and attractive as they can.

It is also a pleasure to lover for treasure hunt that there are about 20 easy accessories in quest clear rewards. I think that how do you try to try it out as compared to the full equipment, and it is very fun to polish your own style through practice.

This time it was a multiplayer on the first cross-platform, but it was a comfortable impression that there were no lugs and so on. However, it was possible to put in the stage of difficulty that does not fit this level in quick play (reported).

Babylons Fall will be released for PC / PS5 / PS4. The release date is currently undecided.

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