Survival games on Western game platforms, including steam, are a steady love. This is because you can feel the fun of your hitting genre, if you are free to build your own residence freely in a wide map, and you can enjoy content, and even a high degree of freedom. It is a work that has a real-world Dniester, which is a Domestic developer, a reality magic developed and preparing for a service to Cacao Games.

This Diptera has conducted second testing on the 16th. It is already a third test if you include alpha tests that have been in March. If the previous test was focused on seeing the game is working properly, this time, it was a key to identifying what is subject to game performance than the game’s fun and density of the game. To learn more about the goals and launch plans of this test, the Reality Magic Kim Sung-gyun and the interview were conducted in writing.

Q. At the time of the last test, have some feedbacks, and how did it reflect this test?

It was difficult to recognize the dismantling of the disqualified systems, and there were many opinions on the balance such as the player’s base defense and the ATC of the player. In this test, we divided the importance of the system and composed of the incremental directions of the beginners, and they were able to easily survive and have sufficient preparation to compete later with other players. Also, we have reduced the efforts to be able to focus on the battle in the battle, and the tiered growth curve was much faster.

Q. What is the changed part after the global test in July? In particular, I wonder if there is a part that has been changed to the culture system such as crabbing and protocol.

The Hardest Thing I’ve Had To Do As A Foster Parent// placement disruption

He focused on making engagement more than repetitive survival. In July, the explanation of important systems to beginners was somewhat, and even if he passed the beginning of the beginning, he had to write too much time to survival. However, in this test, crafting and cultivation were streamlined. For example, in the past, we had to be made in different ways by each item type, but now you can only create most of the items in one or two ways. Further, the fostering direction of the machine cancer was further clarified in the other direction with the development using the item.

Q. One of the changes of this test was one of the tutorials, and I would like to ask for a detailed description of how to change it compared to the last test.

If the tutorial in the last test was the level of listing key functions, this time, the beginners have also been able to learn the necessary systems for survival. In addition, we reorganized UX so that it is more clear to see what to do.

Q. Through the last test, I appealed to realize the harsh environment compared to other domestic games, and I think it seems to be unlikely to appeal to the light users.

First, the difficulty of changing the difficulty of change due to the flow of day and night is due to the darker time, the difficulty will not be greatly increased. In addition, the initial guide system was constructed so that it is possible to learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, and procure requirements in the early days of play. In addition, the novice was so early with other players, and the difficulty of difficulty was modified through the regional difficulty and population density of the map. As a result of opinions on the base of the base in the past test, it was clearly distinguished by each weapon siege role.

Q. I wonder if the user is not considering because the user is successfully surviving and finishing a chapter, and then the privilege to induce the need to continue to play again.

In the past, if it was the level of the world, it was now that the factors should be prepared for the time of the end and the fact that they have to be prepared for the time of the end. The world’s state of the end of the end is affected by the new state of the new world. In the future, this will be linked to the persistent achievement of the player, and will develop into a very important system in the provision of the clan.

Q. Depending on the story flow, it is wondering if the map can change every season. For example, a port knight and Apex Legend have shown this element.

Displays are continuously conducted by the map emergence of new regions by season. Regions and NPCs that appear in each map will release the scenarios of the season, and describe the past and present events in the space residency Orbit and the destroyed district.

Q. I wonder if the user can set a game to a custom room.

The first form of a custom server in this beta test, allowing players to change the settings of the world. PVP and EVE allowable scope, vary of global / item balanced numerical values, and acceptable persons, etc. can be easily set. In the future, we will also adjust the details of the world of each region, and to provide a new map and item to the level that the player can define. A dedicated game editor is also planning to provide.

Q. If the footsteps feel like a noise, there is a time when the distance recognition is not true,

Sound, graphics, etc., of course, are subject to continuous improvement, and every time Milestone is going on several directions.

Q. What if you have anything else in the user indicator when compared to the advanced first test in advance in March?

This time, the pattern difference between users who are familiar with the survival game and the use of users, and the convenience of the development team has overlooked, and based on this, this test is important to confirm the improvement of each indicator. While watching the behavior of users and streams, the part I wanted to improve is working, and it is a great improvement in which the play let is greatly improved.

Q. Currently, if you think about the completion of the content of the content?

It is difficult to represent the system’s systemically, but it is considered to be about 80% compared to the initial plan.

Q. What is the development direction in the future, and what kind of game will you be a game?

To provide a high freedom FPS play, it hopes to leave the Sandbox Play Elements well in the FPS’s power generation history, as long as the grammar of the survival game is adopted.

Q. Looks up to the secondary test, and the completeness seems to be higher, but when is the goal of the release?

It has not yet set the correct date, but it is expected that it will be early next year. The more the launch is delayed, the more I think that the completeness will continue to go up, but it is important to listen to and reflect the opinions of users who play with long-term characteristics of genres.

Q. People who enjoy it on overseas servers are quite pretty, I wonder what the actual overseas response is.

From the beginning, we have made it in mind with overseas launches, and it is actually a feeling that overseas users are easier and easier to understand and play. In terms of the number of players, the Western users are constituting the keys tooth.