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In the celebration of his 20th anniversary, Xbox won the affection of the nostalgic community, since he announced by surprise that the retraction of Xbox Series was expanded with 70 new games of the first Xbox and Xbox 360. Some of these works would benefit from the well-known Technology FPS Boost, which improves the performance and visual quality of adventures. However, it seems that those of Redmond will be paused using this technique, since it has been confirmed that they have no plans to continue using the BOOST FPS in the immediate future.

The vast majority of the game works very well, but then we found an error that breaks the game 80% of the Jason Ronald road, Project Management Director The Xbox Project Management Director, Jason Ronald, in an interview granted to the podcast Iron Lords. During the talk, the company member answered questions related to the implementation of this technology in more games: I would say that right now, with the existing technique we have with FPS Boost, we have tried much more than [games at 130 fps Boosted] And, in some cases, the vast majority of the game works very well, but then we find An error that breaks the game 80% of the road.

Despite this bump, from Xbox they will continue with their initiative and will study different routes to improve their deliveries: We will continue looking for new opportunities and new ways to improve titles, but we have nothing in the immediate future… At this time, I think we are discovering some limitations of our current technique, concludes Ronald.

FPS BOOST MODE - Xbox Series X / S . 100 supported games already.

So far, we already knew that Xbox Series will not present new setback games from previous consoles, so we will not see more similar projects until Xbox does not find an alternative to continue improving their titles. However, there is no doubt that FPS Boost has marked a transitable path for the company, since its benefits have been most notable in titles such as Prey or Fallout 4, and has managed to increase the performance of more than 100 games, if we count the last round of retrocompatible avertible by Xbox.

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