Farming Simulator is a farming simulation video game collection created by Giants Software program and also published by Emphasis Residence Interactive. It has actually often been referred to as a farming problem video game. The places are based on American as well as European atmospheres. Players have the ability to ranch, breed livestock, expand plants and also offer possessions developed from farming.
The games have actually sold over 25 million copies combined, along with had 90 million mobile downloads.

However, With only a few days difference appeared battlefield 2042 and the Farming Simulator 22 on Steam is particularly evident that the players prefer to go there with tractors and tanks through the area.

This is going on Steam: Despite the many criticisms and problems Battlefield 2042 still tens of thousands of players on Steam. The current state is 52,500 players in the last 24 hours (via; 29 November 2021).

Another game beats the new shooter but with almost twice the number of players: The Farming Simulator 22 has at the same time proud 94,700 players. According Steam DB even the acute economic players are more:

Battlefield 2042 to play at 11:30 on 29 November 23646 players
The Farming Simulator gamble 27,023 players

Although both games appeared almost simultaneously, it’s the Farming Simulator on Steam just plain better. Battlefield 2042 was released officially on 19 November and launched on Steam with more than 100,000 players. The shooter should be started better than its predecessor, but lost almost 50% of Steam players within four days.

Only 3 days later, on 22 November, the Farming Simulator was 22. This is his player base still hold without loss. Bear to be found at the colleagues of Gamester: The Farming Simulator 22 is the best of its kind

Both games are incidentally also available on PlayStation and Xbox, as well as other PC platforms as Steam. About the player’s numbers, however, no statement can meet.

Over 90,000 players daily since release

Why the simulator is so good? The Farming Simulator comes with 85% positive reviews it very positive on Steam on. Particularly well the scope Matters: From the cultivation of their own plants on the mixing of feed for cattle to processing to chocolate and more and more.

Fans and veterans estimate that the series does not make wild attempts, but also improves old and beloved systems. So the game stays true to its core and still gets better.

Arrive that simulators and peaceful Games good, is no secret. Even stupid ideas like the Lawn Mowing Simulator have a certain fan base.

Is it because of Battlefield? The shooter, however, has some new ideas such specialists take classes or hazard mode trying new approaches zone. These were by fans of the series also criticized immediately.

The silent mass gambles have preferred instead to complain or to look forward to, anyway Battlefield struggled in 2042 with many problems. Right now circulating about a bug that makes the smoke grenades useless. Some bugs were thick but already corrected or edited:

Скандал с Battlefield 2042, Проблемы DICE, Совместимость игр и Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch 2
Expert of Battlefield 2042 is pretty big problem — helps developers probably going to solve it
New update of Battlefield Nerf overpowering vehicles: If there are no tanks on crack more, Hallelujah!
Battlefield 2042 will finally fix its biggest problems roadmap shows with over 200 enhancements

That games lose immediately after release of hype is normal. The technical condition of Battlefield 2042 but has probably not helped to get the joy of long upright. Seized the opportunity to use other games to attack the position of Battlefield:

Polish shooter starts closed beta on Steam — Reminiscent of Battlefield 2042, but is better at