Play consoles were also highly in demand on Black Friday. But those who believe that PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch were sold most, who is horrible. On place 1 of the best-selling consoles a surprise winner has been seen.

The Black Friday is over, and thus it will also be time to draw a balance of the shopping festival. At least with the best-selling consoles, the big surprise has begun. Because Non PlayStation 5 or Collage Nintendo Switch were able to secure the place at the sun (Source: Aka Via Business Insider).

Xbox Series S Best Selling Console During Black Friday

At the very front is the Xbox Series S. In the US, so data of the Adobe Digital Economy Index (AAI EI), the cheapest of Microsoft’s new consoles could make both the PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch behind. This is a fist thickness surprise, because in general, the Series S adheres to the image of an unpopular console, which is hardly a look at buyers.

Even if the data affects only the US, the picture is likely to look similar in Germany.

Allies, what you need to know about the Xbox Series X and Series S:

Lack of availability at PS5 and Nintendo Switch OLED

So is the Xbox Series S but a racer who is only underestimated notoriously? In a closer look, the picture should not be so unique. Because true is also: Even one year after the start, the availability of current console generation is still severely limited. Who is looking for a PS5 or (with smears) Series X, must currently have a lot of luck. The new Nintendo Switch OLED looks similar.

Xbox Series S

Maybe the Xbox Series S simply was the only available Current Gen Console during the Black Friday — especially as the price of well below 300 euros (see Amazon) is very attractive.