Indie Gold shim Developer Maxim Karen Developed by God shim Early access for World box started at Steam.

This work is a god game that can cause the development of the created civilization from the perspective of God and making a variety of power, even while looking at various powers. The view of the world is set to a medieval fantasy, and four tribes of human, oak, elf and dwarf are present in different characteristics. The generated NPC divides into multiple kingdoms and expands the territory while repeating the battle.

The player can use the power of God to create a new island and give the civilization to the development by giving resources such as ore. In addition to a disaster such as lightning and tornado, you can freely occur disasters such as Zombie Apocalypse and Dragon’s assault, and UFO’s attack.

During the early access period that assumes about two years, add religious systems and more creatures etc. are scheduled. If you purchased this work on the official site before the early access start, you can get the STEAM key on the page used to download at the time of purchase.

World box is early access at Steam at 2,050 yen (tax included). Mobile version delivery is also provided for iOS / Android.