has announced the initial server merge for New Globe. This merges will certainly happen this Wednesday in the Central EU region where Mari will merge into Brittney. With this announcement, we currently have a merge FAQ with even more information on what to anticipate as the merge plan numbers grow.

In the designer FAQ it attends to why and when they may take into consideration combining web servers. How do we identify if a world needs to be combined? Asks one of the questions as well as the answer includes numerous elements that they look at in order to figure out if the globe is undesirable including, however not limited to, populace size and also overall involvement. Furthermore, they’re searching for what partner world would certainly most profit by merging both with each other, consisting of faction, what gameplay design the server mainly has, language, and area. The latter is very important considering that time zone is necessary to population as well as communication, so expect merges to be intra-region.

EU Chief is out of control

If everything works out, players should not anticipate to lose any development or things, yet territory must come from the companies on the server that is soaking up the merge. So in the merge occurring this week, every one of the gamers on Mari will certainly see their personalities, development, things, housing, as well as wide range transfer over, but all territories will certainly continue to be with those that currently manage them on Brittney. will certainly be aiming to arrange new merges on Wednesdays. The group intends to educate those players on the server that will be merged on the Friday before the merge takes place as well as the server that those players will be moving to will certainly get a notice in video game on Monday. Since the server merged right into shouldn’t anticipate much change, they’re notified 2nd.

If anything happens as well as the merge does not function efficiently or the suit had not been compatible enough, there will be an investigation and also space for community feedback before any actions are taken.

For extra on the merge FAQ as well as strategies, see this New World update.