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Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 8, 2021, the first Legion time immigration starts in Wow Shadow lands and brings for the first time since Patch 9.1 new content for the players. Where new is of course relative here — because both the time walking versions of mythical-plus dungeons and the returning magic tower are actually no novelties, but were already playable in the very popular Legion expansion.

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JHU, finally Legion!

Nonetheless, many WoW players have been looking forward to tackling the various scenarios of the ministry tower with their characters and for a long time depending on the difficulty of difficulty. But that’s how it really is the case and the players do not go like a hot knife through the magi cine butter, Blizzard invests a lot in a suitable balancing.

Many items, buffs, consumables or other playful things are therefore migrated to a black list and do not work in the magic tower. This list has now got growth and also on balancing was screwed neatly at the last minute.

More effects on the black list

Two more effects were packed by the developers on the blacklist.


The former is the effect of various pieces of jewels, which gives it in the Battle of Grammar to citizen (for example, prismatic pride prison or Took’s tail tip). The latter is the effect of the Item Lichtblutelixir, which was already used in the actual ministry tower to simplify the fight against Agatha.

Also interesting: These effects are deactivated in the time-immigration master tower!

Adaptation on balancing

Three of the seven bosses were touched again with Sign, Xylem and Cruel and got balancing adjustments.


Knowledge of the ancestors The shield effect was slightly weakened
Ax Schultz The damage was slightly reduced

Thus, the fight was generally simplified something. Above all, the reduction of the shield effect comes towards classes without much burst damage or cooldowns. In addition, the otherwise relatively long struggle should be a little shorter.

Archaea xylem

Kometenhagel damage was increased dramatically
Shadow lock fire damage was slightly increased

Rochford Cruel was at that time one of the toughest bosses in the ministry tower. Source: Blizzard Thus, the fight became something heavier. Shadow locking should never meet the player anyway. You have to leave the comet hail even faster now, and it is no longer an option to stay in it.

Rochford Cruel

destroy the effect does not end anymore with death
Thought wound damage was dramatically increased

The damage to thought wound was so low on the PTR that it could almost ignore it. Now that should not be the case anymore. The adaptation of destroy aims for the abuse of gems or effects that could survive one’s own death and were able to reset (for example: : GRINS from distorted destinies )

Are you looking forward to taking the magic tower again from December 8, 2021 — maybe because you did not play at that time? Or is this content only to be warmed up, which is not interested in you?

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