And we’ve stayed. After less than five months, Diablo 3 took part with the new season entitled Rulers of Hell.

From 5:00 pm Polish time you can drive on the servers and enjoy a wonderful end-game and toning the soul shelters.

Well — shards the soul. This is the leading theme of the new season, and at the same time a new kind of powerful items we place in our equipment slots, providing awesome boosts to the character.

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These shards of souls contain a powerful power that once belonged to these highest and minor evil. Gloomy Nepalese who wants to find the shards and reach for their power, they must remain far-reaching caution. The power that this power carries is a great temptation, and the road to the burning hell is paved with a good desire…

Nephalemów can find up to 7 unique types of shards of souls belonging to the rulers of hell. These items provide a new, infernal capacity. At once only 1 of 3 frames of the highest souls can be placed in helmets, and 1 of 4 shards the souls of minor evil can be embedded in weapons. Each of the shards can be improved three times with the use of a new seasonal one-off item: sparks from a hellish forge.

Doubles of souls and sparks from infernal forge can be found among all kinds of shells, but the shards of souls are more often dropped by bosses.

More life, more resistance, more gold from monsters, more exp, smaller Cooldown for skills, etc.

The new season is also a new set of decorative elements. New, but the old one, because for some time Blizzard allows you to get cosmetics from previous seasons (many years back).

Apparently it is a nod for new users who are just entering the sanctuary.

You play here.