The leader of Wolfsburg controlled after the last four league victories in a row from the beginning of the game in Leverkusen. In the offensive, however, the wolves were first difficult. Nevertheless, the ball was after 21 playing minutes for the first time in the gate of the Herself, but Warmth’s hits did not count because of his way away. Only a little later, Wolfsburg then actually stabbed: The Leverkusen again extended a corner on the first post unhappy to the second, where Captain had to press the leather only over the line (25th).

Frauen-Bundesliga 2021/22. Matchday 11. Bayer Leverkusen vs Wolfsburg
Controversial compensation

In contrast to the crashing 1: 7 last match day against FC Bayern Munich, the Herself did not break, but even more courageous. Martí first turned on the left penalty box after a buildup error of the VFL (28th). Shortly before the break, it was again the broken outer defenders who signed from a similar position. White could not stick to the rich shot, but then had again reciprocated the hand on the ball — referee Fabienne Michel still gave the hit (41.).

Leverkusen from the game dangerous

Overall, the Wolfing from the game went out almost nothing, even according to the numerous standards jumped through Captain (57.) and Reward (61.) only approximations out. Dangerous showed the Herself, which mostly missed the guidance alone by again twice. Only clarified white strong (56.), then the striker missed in centimeters (75th).

In the end it remained at the 1: 1 and the succession success for the Herself, which had previously collected four defeats in a piece, including two with 1: 7. The wolves, on the other hand, must accept a small setback in the fight for the championship. FC Bayern Munich can set itself on Sunday with a victory in Potsdam (16 o’clock) to the top of the table — and become autumn master.