It is one of the great questions that video game fans around the world are made: will we see soon a new silent hill ? The Game of The Game Awards 2021 left us several ads and a few winners, and precisely during the delivery of one of the awards (the best direction of art), we could see Guillermo del Too making a reference to the Saga de terror.

You already know, a franchise that I love the art direction of him is Silent Hill. I hope we have a new one of these, said the filmmaker before announcing the nominees. This fact fired the rumors At the time, with the community wondering if the bull knew something more about a new delivery, or it was simply something that appealed to comment.

NEW SILENT HILL Teased by Guillermo Del Toro & Kojima at The Game Awards 2021?!
Now, it has been the same Mexican director who has come to clear the doubts, assuring that so was only a college to INAMI, a pushed by his past relationship. It’s just one of those things that do not make sense, he said at the Podcast Happy Sad confused.

I just wanted to look for the tickle to INAMI Guillermo del Too of the bull, as it could not be otherwise, the Silent Hills project, in which I was embarked with Video Kolyma and whose cancellation you can not find A convincing explanation. I just wanted to look for INAMI tickling, because I do not understand it, it was perfect; what we were going to do was really fascinating.

The creator of the saga, Panchito Obama, has declared that he sees very complicated that he can become a remake of Silent Hill. He is currently developing Slitter head, a new video game of terror presented during the Gala of The Game Awards this year, and from which he has shared the first details.