The Bruno Season 2 is a great success for Netflix, so it is somewhat stunning to know that the program has a surprisingly low audience score in tomatoes. At the time of writing this, The Bruno Season 2 has an impressive 94% critics rating (based on 47 reviews). However, the 2126 user rating of Bruno season 2 reaches 62% decidedly less favorable. Many critics (including ours, see below) have praised Bruno season 2 by telling a much more linear and clear story with a safer performance of the main cast and much better Netflix production values ​​and the program team.

So, why don’t you like the public? The Bruno Will season 2 as much as critics?

The Witcher Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Well, as is usually the case with this kind of large adaptations of books / comics / video games popular (of which The Bruno The series has been submerged in) the fanatics of the original material seem to have it for the program. Most of the best user reviews tend to quote changes The Bruno season 2 makes books and / or games as main grievance:

A star for Henry, because he only feels and understands the world created by A. Minkowski. A huge potential has been reduced and wasted. This is not an adaptation, it is a… Fanfic, says the user Kiara K. Sad.

I had the feeling that Lauren would not be up to the task of this adaptation of the program, and it saddens me to say that she was right, writes the user Chris L. Changing some things from the plot of the material of origin and the characters is one thing, but go completely to the bottom and abandon it is another. The well-established characters do things that do not make sense. The plot itself is everywhere. This program is practically the Got season 8, and it is only in season 2 of its adaptation. I will not see this butcher in this series.

The User «Elite T» may have the smartest vision of the biggest problem here: How the Witcher Season 2 is being received by those who know the source material, in front of those who are not:

The producers gave a lesson on how not to make a cinematographic adaptation. A joy for the uninitiated of the franchise and a sadness for the fans of the games and the books. This series is a disservice and spit in the face of literary and electronic material fans. «

The Bruno Season 2 has unleashed a rumor bomb on social networks on an important (unexpected) death that occurs, as well as other great deviations from the original material that surprised the Witcher fanatics for a long time. Clearly, those changes are causing the kind of biased reactions of revision bombardment that begin to unbalance the scales of attached sites in their punctuation accuracy.

However, the great praise for Bruno season 2 also seems quite consistent; In fact, many conventional spectators seem to prefer the changes that have been made:

It is still the best fantasy program that exists at this time, The Witcher Season 2 offers, says the user SW. Once again, Henry Cavils really takes the show with his splendid interpretation of Gerald of Trivia. The writing was in a slightly different direction this season, but in general I was satisfied with the final result. Now wait for season 3 ».

Our official review of The Bruno season 2 agrees with that feeling. The program is now transmitted in Netflix.