The founder of Haze light Studios and creator of It Takes Two, Josef Fares, shared his opinion about the addition of the famous NFT in video games. Known for being a person who goes straight to the point, Fares mentioned that he would prefer to receive a shot in the knee that including non-fungible tokens in future projects.

We will never do that Josef Fares was during a recent interview, that Fares talked about this topic. He mentioned, that in spite of what other companies think, he thinks that video games are, first, a form of art, and a business later.

Any decision you take in a game, where you have to adjust your design to force the player to pay or do something to provoke this action, it is very bad if you ask me, Fares replied. If you ask a CEO of a company, I would say that I am stupid because companies should make money.

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Fares continued talking, now about him’s opinion of the games as a service. According to him, these titles are a recurring problem in the industry, since it is being created a habit of launching incomplete video games. We will never do that, he mentioned. We already have a problem where people do not even end experience for a single player, then why concentrate on reputability?

Under this way of thinking, IT Takes Two was launched as a great surprise in this year, and it was a sales success. The title also had a huge presence in The Game Awards 2021, being awarded as the best game of the year.