King Art, self-writing King Art, is an independent developer workshop for computer game based in Bremen, which has actually focused on Adventure video games.

Merge Games, an independent Manchester publisher, has partnered with Maple Powered Games, a small independent studio based in Canada, to produce Monster Harvest. Merge Games announced the title for the first time in March of this year and confirmed the release date of the game on August 19th. In a recent Dev Diary, Merge Games provided an update on the progress of the game through the development before its launch on PlayStation 4, Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Monster Harvest is packed in a neat 2D pixelated art style as players being a new life in Pl animal Point where they are loaded with different goals such as developing their farm, design their home and make furniture and their favorite jams. As the adventure continues, players will meet with Slides, who can mutate crops in nearly 72 different variants.

One of the variants includes pl animals, loyal mutant cultures that remain alongside the player and will be a key companion while players must venture through dungeons and fighting.

Lets Play - Monster Harvest: Learn the Basics - 1-10 Days (Part 1)

On the basis of the returns of the game so far, Creative Lead Kerry Vandenberg, noted that the game has been updated with new types of playable characters, a new friendship system, cooking mechanisms, hybrid seeds and additional furniture.

Monster Harvest has a host of other features, including dry, damp and dark seasons that affect growth and a turn-based combat system that allows players to use their faithful pl animals against the Slime Company Evil.

A free demo of Monster Harvest is live on Steam, allowing fans to enjoy the game before leaving. Fans can consult the free demo on Steam here.

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