Remedy has entered into a publishing and development agreement with Tencent upcoming game.

Ilmaispelattava title passing at the Vanguard code is built around network-based tiimiräiskinnän. AAA-class project is also involved in the Remedy characterized by the content of the story, which is not related in any way to the studio to previous outputs. Rolling Unreal Engine to Vanguard developed in such a PC than a console. Remedy is scheduled to be published in Vanguard worldwide, although the Chinese giant Tencent localizes and publishes selected item in Asian markets. Tencent to develop a deal as gifts like the mobile version, in which income is distributed among the parties.

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Remedy is currently in many other irons in the fire, after all, a work in progress, at least Alan Wake II, Crossfire and a couple of different Control project in collaboration with 505 Games.

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