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Shredders release date leaked for Game Pass and Xbox

The Shredders release date has just leaked online ahead of an official announcement from Foam Punch. The snowboarding game, developed “for riders, by riders”, was originally due to release on Xbox Series X’S and PC in December 2021 – however, it is now due to be released on March 17, 2022, according to the United Kingdom Microsoft Store.

Foam Punch’s Shredders is offering players a glimpse into the world of professional snowboarding through its open environments and gameplay inspired by real-world pros. If you’re looking for a game to scratch that extreme sports itch, this seems like it could be the perfect title for you.

Shredders are originally due to release on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass in December 2021 – however, it was pushed back to Spring 2022. With many players expecting this game to be released in February 2022, due to the Shredders Twitter account’s bio, it’s fantastic to see Shredders release date confirmed for March 17, 2022.

Shredders is a “kick-ass snowboarding” game that has “powder so fresh you’ll lose yourself for hours carving down the mountains”. With hand-sculpted environments and a huge mountain range to explore with your friends, this game fits perfectly into the Xbox Game Pass March 2022 free games library.

Shredders is a love letter to snowboarding, taking inspiration from a number of snowboarding movies and the Amped series – from the original Xbox’s game library – for a blockbuster experience that Foam Punch says will have players carving up the mountain like the “snowboarding heroes on Instagram”.

It’s looking like we can expect an announcement imminently from Foam Punch and confirmation that the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day 1. While players might be waiting a little longer than expected, the Xbox Game Pass games library will still look strong until then.

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We will soon have a free level for stadia

A few days ago, the boss of Stadia, Phil Harrison, sat for an interview with Protocol where he revealed the next output of a free level for Stadia to come in a few months. He said, The big strategic difference is that in the coming months, you can discover Stadia for free. No money, without having to put a box in your home, you can simply click and play incredible games directly from our data center.

The very vogue cloud game platform has been launched with a dull reception and mediocre support after its release. Destined for more casual video game consumers, Google Stadia seemed to be a smart idea, but with some forgetfulness. The concept of cloud game is attractive because you do not need a powerful computer or console to run the games at their best.

Since passionate players already have systems to play, target consumers were the rapidly growing number of casual players. The problem comes from the fact that it requires a powerful Internet to maintain the resolution and image frequencies that customers want to withdraw from the service. After all, the idea is to replace powerful consoles. Unfortunately, many casual consumers do not have excellent Internet packages, and their upgrade is too expensive, or for some, it’s not even an option. Add to that you need to pay $129 and $9.99, the platform requires a decent initial investment, and if you need to upgrade your Internet, it may be cheaper to buy a game console.


The free level for Stadia could be exactly what Google needed to find an interesting service. It offers consumers an option without commitment to try the system and, more importantly, to test if their Internet is up to. In addition, if they are able to offer free quality games, this should even attract unconditional players to try new games without having to pay or download the software.

Kapia is preparing to tell her story on January 25

Get ready to explore a world that needs to be saved. The independent developer’s puzzle adventure 2FOR2, Kappa, is preparing to embark on his story tomorrow. A press release on the game provides more details on history. In addition, the version speaks of control schemes, puzzles, etc.

Kappa places the player in the perspective of a grandfather and granddaughter duo. The Kappa’s world is a broken world in two. Two coalitions at war, east and west, and people living in domes. The player will play both as a grandfather and granddaughter as they discover the crises that broke their world.

The game offers both a point-click and a modern approach to exploration. The players will play two points of view of the grandfather, Stefan, and the granddaughter, Deny. Each perspective will offer a unique story when they work towards a common goal.

A trailer, published last year, gives players a glimpse of the artistic style of the game and gameplay. In addition, the trailer helps to showcase the story.

The style of the game seems animated and can give players the impression of participating in a show. You can see a mixture of medieval and modern, funky and elegance. It is the world of Kappa. And he needs help.

Kappa should go out tomorrow 25 January. He will come out on PC via Steam. Are you ready to dive into Kappa’s apocalyptic world? Do you think you need to save the world?

Supplying for Game Pass: Xbox Krakes 9 new top

The increase in the Xbox Game Pass for the month of January does not seem to stop. After the subscribers were happy with eight new games of Microsoft at the beginning of January, the next nine is already on. Which titles draw into the play library of the subscription service and when they are available, we will tell you now.

Xbox Game Pass: There are 9 new games

Only recently, Microsoft has donated the Xbox Game Pass equal to eight new top games and is already held: it will draw nine more games in the subscription service. In the following list you can see when the games are available for which platform (Source: Xbox Wire):

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition (Console, PC and Cloud) – January 18th
  • Nobody Saves the World (Console, PC and Cloud) – January 18th
  • Death’s door (Console, PC and Cloud) – January 20th
  • The Hitman Trilogy (Console, PC and Cloud) – January 20th
  • Paparazzi (Console, PC and Cloud) – January 20
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction (Console, PC and Cloud) – January 20th
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Deluxe Edition (PC) – January 20
  • Windjammer 2 (Console, PC and Cloud) – January 20th

  • Take No Catsuit: The Drum Master (console and PC) – January 27

In addition to the new games, subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as always new perks . Among them for the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, Doom Eternal and World of Tanks.


Which games leave the XGP?

As every month, some games leave the Xbox Game Pass. These titles are only until 31 January available:

  • Cyber ​​Shadow (Console, PC and Cloud)
  • Nowhere Prophet (Console, PC and Cloud)
  • Prison Architect (PC)
  • Reno Crisis (Console, PC and Cloud)

Was has the game year 2022 generally to offer? Which releases you should not miss any circumstances, shows you this picture section :

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The presidential candidate game policy workshop, a major issue

The game policy is emerging with its core commitment, while the incense of the 20th presidential election is 2030. The commitment of each candidate looks similar, but it has a significant difference in detail. In particular, a fierce studio of some issues was unfolded. Let’s take a while to see the difference in the commitment and issues of each presidential candidate in that sense.

Similar to different probability items

As the most important issue in the game system, all candidates are as follows, and they were in favor of the obligation of probabilistic item information and were as follows. However, the details show the difference. In addition, the Democratic Party’s candidate declared that the Complete Geisha would not be able to ban the front of the Citizens, In addition, Lee Jae-nami candidate and the Citizens’ Party AHN Cheol-soo, all the probability operations should be punished, and it has expressed strong will of the legal regulation. Run Seok-yeol said, but he said that it could be made in a fraudulent for the operation through Taehyung, Ha TAE Hyung, but he did not speak directly.

Different orientation E-sports policy

E Sports activation is the most prominent position of each candidate in a common premise. The candidate Lee Vietnam said, including the establishment of the business team, including the expansion of the stock, In addition, the Democratic Party of Democratic Dungeon was criticized for the commitment to Run Seok-hyeon, and a commitment to the E-sports, which is not a reality, and the defense of the KIM’s Ha TAE Hyung, refuted the commitment to quote the policy research report from Antonin. Meanwhile, AHN, Cheol-soo, in the midst of suggesting a military service specific law,

Once unanimously matching, the income of the disease code

All candidates were the same as the opposite opinion. In the interview, which had been conducted on the game medium on the day of the day on the Run Smokey Camp, he has seen a positive attitude to the introduction of disease code, but it was denied that it has not been able to proceed with the interview.

Responding to the difference between recognition and business deployment


Although both candidates are the same direction for the disabled game, the two candidates are different, but the details are different. The candidate Lee Vietnam said he said that it will be the launch of a regular E-sports league or related campaigns, while Soon Suk-yeol’s candidate is to install the Disabled Game Accessibility Committee and developed and disseminate various auxiliaries and software. One side means that it will be able to strengthen the institution, and the other, and the other is interpreted as intent to develop business by developing business.

Positive, but carefully, P2E · NFT

Lee Joe Name Candidate and AHN Cheol-soo showed a somewhat opposed response. Lee Pre-noting said, I can not stop the flow of existence, he said, I need to lead it rather than a negative view. Of course, he added that in the game, the game, metabus specialted by the Metropolitan Government, On the other hand, AHN, Cheol-soo is not negative, but he would not be late for a year, and it would not be late to judge overseas.

Working environment, indie games, user interest, game access, etc.

In addition, each candidate was committed to a separate policy associated with the game. The candidate of Lee Vietnam shall argue that it should improve the working environment of the game industry while mentioning the 120-hour labor-related remarks of Soon Sky’s candidate, and in the meantime, On the other hand, Soon Suk-yeol announced that the candidate of Soon Suk-yeol will be able to care about the protection of the rights of the game, and to improve the accessibility of the entire use of the entire use of the entire use of the game,

Horizon Forbidden West: Fans love new story

The continuation of the original Sci-Fi adventure of Guerrilla Games appears in a few weeks. A new story trailer now reveals what you can expect from Ally’s next adventure. This obviously comes well, because of the community there are doing applause.

Old friends and new companions

Horizon Forbidden West leads you – as the name already reveals – in the forbidden West. The almost three-minute story trailer shows which dangers lurk there. For a new plague threatens to destroy the world, the machines play crazy and leader Regalia and their rebels kill anyone who puts themselves in their way.

An old face also returns and could lead evil in the shield. The speech is of SYL ENS , which still helped you in Horizon Zero Dawn (compulsory).

But all alone your Ally’s mission does not have to be denied. On your journey you will know new allies and gets the help of old acquaintances, including Earl and Trend .

How well the trailer has actually become, you can see here:

Horizon trailer ensures hype

Under the video on YouTube, predominantly positive comments are found. It is especially praised the great music , which has prepared some goose bumps. The return of the earlier companions ensures mortar law for hype. (Source: YouTube – PlayStation roof)


On Reddit, the community does not respond otherwise. It is even speculated that could actually flee a group of people in front of the Apocalypse in space and returned after a long time. Also, the mysterious woman at the end of the trailer is associated with this theory. (Source: Reddit – Horizon)

How Ally’s story goes on, you are expected to experience on 18 February 2022 if Horizon Forbidden West appears for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Analysts point out that the PS5 will sell twice as the X series

2022 is positioned to be a great year for video game consoles. Each of the three large companies will continue betting on the plans that have worked on the past, such as Game Pass and exclusive first level. However, a group of analysts has indicated that, at the end of the year, ELPS5 managed to substantially overcome the sales of the Xbox Series X | s.

Because these two consoles will come to the market at the same time, comparisons are very common. In this way, Ampere Analysis, firm of analysts, has pointed out that the Xbox Series X | S will manage to sell nine million units over 2022. However, it has been mentioned that the PlayStation 5 will double this amount, since They are talking about 18 million consoles.

Next to this, Ampere Analysis ensures that the Nintendo Switch will manage to move 21 million units this year . Relatively, these are good numbers for each of the three large companies, this taking into consideration the crisis in the production of electronics that torments all industries.

On related topics, this is the amount of money that Sony might lose if Call of Duty becomes exclusive Xbox. In the same way, experts have pointed out that EA will be the following study to be acquired by Microsoft.


Editor’s note:

Considering the current situation, these are good numbers for Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox. However, it highlights a lot that the PS5 could sell twice the X | s series, and approaches the amount of the switch. It will be interesting to see how markets move once the purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft can be completed.

WoW Patch 9.2: Adaptation of the soul gang becomes easier

The soul gangs play an important role in the final game in Wow Shadow lands and offer various adaptation opportunities in the form of different media. Who wanted to change the latter, has always had to visit the appropriate altar in the sanctum of his pact – a sometimes pretty cumbersome tour. But that will change with WOW Patch 9.2 .

For when we start the new update the end of eternity to Earth Morris to put the craftsman’s craft, we will enjoy a small but fine comfort change: It will be in the main hub of Earth Morris, the so-called refuge, give a new forge of the soul gang where we can change the media of our soul gang.

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Less running paths, more time for RAIDS and Co.

Straight players who often switch their pacts and that with patch 9.2 may be more likely to do than before, SAVE a lot of time and running paths. Instead of traveling over long flight routes awkward to travel to their own pacts, we can easily use Tribes a portal to Earth Morris and visit the blacksmith in the refuge. It is once more worthwhile to bind the own relaxation to the inn of Tribes.

We want to know of you: What do you think about this change? Do you fear that the parcel scanning can be developed further? Or welcomes this adaptation as a useful quality-of-life feature that makes you the raider and other endgame content more pleasant than before? Write us your opinion in the comments!

Australian Open: Zverev before the first tricky task

Alexander Zverev stands in the eighth finale of the Australian Open in front of the first tricky task, he gets to do it with the Canadian Denis Shapovalov. He assumes himself, could Rafael Nadal wait. In the women’s number one against a shooting star from the United States is in use.

Here you can the game Zeal vs. Shapovalov track in the Live ticker.

French Open winner Barbara Pšenčíková has achieved the quarterfinals of Australian Open in convincing manner. The 26-year-old Czech defeated the two-time tournament champion Viktoria Asana Belarus 6: 2, 6: 2nd Asana, the 2012 and 2013 Grand Slam tournament won had to fight during the match with neck problems.

Pšenčíková was not previously come out in Melbourne on the second round, now she is fighting against Madison Keys from the USA to the semi-finals. The heavily impacting 26-year-old who was at the US Open final in 2017, turned in her second round the set at position eight Spaniard Paula Baroda 6: 3, 6: 1 on.

Also, for the two-time Grand Slam semifinalist Maria Safari has ended the tournament. The Greek subject of the US-American Jessica Regular 6: 7 (0: 7), 3:. 6

Australian Open disappointment for the Gleiwitz / Main

The success of double Kevin Gleiwitz / Andreas Main, however, has clearly missed the quarterfinals. Gleiwitz / Main subject to the set at position five Australian-Slovak team John Peers / Filip Place on Sunday in just 65 minutes with 1: 6, 2: 6th

The set of twelve Gleiwitz and Main were lined up in Melbourne for the first time since her title win at Roland Barros in 2020 together again at a Grand Slam tournament. Her comeback after more than a year had celebrated the Armies last week at the ATP tournament in Sydney, where they reached the semi-finals.

Main had early last year a cartilage surgery have to undergo knee that took a long break after themselves. Gleiwitz played in the meantime successful with the Romanians Hora Team and qualified with his partner for the ATP Finals.

In Melbourne, the tennis professionals had previously started together only 2020 and failed in the first round, now in the round of the second was finish. This means that only a German pro is represented in the doubles’ competition of the men in Frankfurt Tim Putz. The 34-year-old is with the New Zealander Michael Venus for a withdrawal of Australian Christopher O’Connell / Jason Ruler in the quarterfinals.

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Australian Open, Day 7: The game at a glance

  • Ladies

Player 1 | Player 2 | Result

Madison Keys (USA) | Paula Baroda (ESP / 8). | 6: 3, 6: 1
Barbara Pšenčíková (CUE / 4.) | Viktoria Azania (BLR /. 24) | 6: 2, 6: 2
Jessica Regular (USA) | Maria Safari (GRE / 5). | 7: 6, 6: 3
Ashleigh Party (AUS / 1). | Amanda Asimov (USA) |

  • Men’s:
Player 1 Player 2 Result
Adrian Mandarin (FRA) Rafael Nadal (ESP / 6).
Alexander Zverev (GER / 3). Denis Shapovalov (CAN / 14). in LINEBACKER NOW
Pablo Current (ESP / 19). Matteo Regretting (ITA / 7).
Miami Kecmanovic (SRB) Gael Mongols (FRA / 17).

Kimmich, Tolisso, Hernandez and later in focus

Alphonso Davies is missing due to the identified slight heart muscle inflammation; Leon Goretzka is still in the rehab and making progress. Josie Statistic also closer to a comeback. It looks quite well, says coach Nagelsmann: He will get in training next week when everything runs normal. Otherwise, except for Bound Carr and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting, which will probably use all players at Africa Cup.

Seine has a little problem


In order not to endanger this condition, we controlled the training again, explains the 34-year-old. Corentin Polish, which represents the Gretzky struck at the Knee, was just as spared like Manuel new. The signs but were fine for the weekend, says Nagelsmann. Leroy Sané, on the other hand, still has a little problem, said the FCB coach. Whether and if yes, how long the offensive players can be used, the responsible persons decide in or after graduation training. Until Sunday still stays a little time.

Also uncertain, the starting field sets of Day Upamecano and Lucas Hernandez, which is why We Benjamin Award is more inward again, reveals Nagelsmann. What would mean that Joshua Gimmick probably returned to the right-to-death position. Should Hernandez be fit in time, he would probably not defend in the center, but left back. Because Davies has to be replaced.

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