[24 munyoungsu Kids News] iminnyeon issue in the gaming industry is expected to be far P2E game. Known as the so-called money making game ‘P2E is an atmosphere that is waving behind the concept of the traditional game itself recognized as a new’ land of opportunity ‘.

Telecommuting system due to prolonged corona 19 also cited as a major variable whether the direction of game industry this year. There bingo development setbacks due to prolonged home system developers both at home and abroad because of its high room for the highly anticipated release schedule of the final.

The viscosity of the political situation ahead of the presidential election that the political voices out that the regulations on the core business model of probability-type items need to see an eye the passage of the year.

◆ update advance P2E game… Who laugh

Since 2021 began to rise P2E game is expected to emerge as a hot potato in 2022. P2E is more to enjoy the game as it stands for ‘Play to Earn’ means a way to make money in the currency, such as passwords. Open your wallet stronger ‘page Twin (Pay to Win)’ is mostly traditional way microtransactions and She is a different approach from the essence.

The user can then switch to cash in exchange for goods obtained through the activities within P2E game cryptocurrency. Thereby ensuring a constant turnover of live games from this process as a fee. As more users are actively trading in-game assets, the way She also increased sales reaping the business.

Let Remade prove the marketability through the model and the major companies update declare P2E game market. When many mid-sized companies up Tanzania Block Chaining game platform is built on Remade ‘mix up’ NC soft, cocoa, etc. Games are scrambling to build their own platform. Thus, 2022 is expected to be a full-fledged platform gakchukjeon of the blockchain.

Whether to allow domestic P2E games is one of concern. Depending on the game industry law forbids to exchange goods for cash game P2E game is a non-domestic service itself. But the situation out simsimchange case to launch a sneak P2E the law does less damage to game the user to play the game in the domestic foreign P2E over a VPN bypass the like.

Therefore, expected to incorporate P2E game to institutional and voice and the 2006 ‘Sea Story’ that legally provide by foundation to service, saying the situation could recur objections that must remain P2E game ban steadily crash in 2022 see.

If COVID-19 was a video game

◆ 19 Corona Will End… Development schedule disruptions inevitably

19 protracted Corona also regarded as an issue to note that in 2022 the gaming industry. The longer the social distancing for Corona 19-Proliferation because increases the possibility of a setback in the development of the game increases also buy Front home brew.

It has bought the majority of the games release schedule due to the actual Corona 19 which maintains the long-term you will not find a precedent-home system, smoke bar. NC soft planned to launch in 2020 Blade & Soul 2 ‘is a state which is delayed without pledging the release schedule of the Red Desert and the launch bar gotta postponed in August 2021 was supposed to Pearl Abyss also service at the end of 2021.

Games are usually bought index provided top followed by a dense collaboration ahead of the new releases, there are voices that members of distance can not meet the desired quality alone telecommuting less physically itttareugo.

According to the data the GDC (Game Developers Conference) last year’s survey of developers worldwide responded that 44% of developers to the delays caused by the corona 19. Telecommuting respondents answered in the negative the effect on creativity and productivity was 32%.

In 2022 the highly anticipated launch of major upcoming risen from 19 Corona is a pressing concern whether you can repay the fans with new games with high maturity.

◆ probability-type items regulated voice… Game industry means.- I weigh

Surrounding the core revenue model of probability-type items in the game industry regulation controversial is expected to continue this year. In addition, dead fatigue in the market for odds-type items accumulated ahead of the March presidential yijaemyeong with a remark to the effect that the party candidate for the Democratic candidate AHN citizens that the regulations on the probability-shaped items require potential restrictions because of their increased more than ever to be.

Currently, the Parliament is the key magazine catch again this year with state gotta pending several regulatory legislation, including the game industry all laws containing the amendments to disclose the information acquisition rate the probability of fire-type items.

The game industry is these last December in order to prevent regulatory luxury probability-type items, as well as strengthening the implementation of the state into not a notation such as self-regulation strengthened by the probability of such synthetic content. If Nixon prayed unveiling its own verification system, the probability of Nixon Ana. Thus, over the odds-type items regulation ‘siege’ seems to be trending algal to continue the year 2022.