The messaging service WhatsApp surprised with a new function. Thus, it is now possible to leave messages disappear on individual needs.

Update, Wednesday (Dec. 8), 14.00: Germany — WhatsApp messages disappear immediately from itself — and on the individual request of the user. According to the portal WABetainfo the messaging service has rolled out the appropriate update for all users. Previously were able to use the enhanced Disappear function beta users.

Get out function: WhatsApp introduces standard news timer

The self-erasing messages can be activated for some time already in WhatsApp. With the update but it will now be possible to set the default for all chats — and timed.

The lifetime of messages can be limited as desired on:

How WhatsApp communicates in a blog post, it was stated that the new feature is an optional feature. Existing Chats would thus neither modified nor deleted.

Those who want to enable the feature, select messages duration default under Settings> Account> Privacy>.

WhatsApp: Meta Messenger brings new function for more privacy

Also in the app store the meta Messenger already reported about the update. There it is, the function would be introduced in the coming weeks. From whom the whole currently does not work, it may be so in a few days simply try again.

The function is clearly a further step of the service, to meet the data protection allegations. This explains WhatsApp: We want the world to connect people that their privacy is protected. He continued: You should be able to decide how long your messages are stored.

initial report, Sunday (3 October), 11:54: As the Beta Portal WABetainfo on Saturday (2 October) announced the new WhatsApp feature for iOS beta users is already rolled out. The new function of the Go away mode is to be improved.

According excitement to Conditions and safety allegations — WhatsApp plans new features

The Messenger WhatsApp does not come out from the headlines. After the huge excitement surrounding the new terms and conditions, is currently discussing new security issues. For example, a US magazine made the service a reproach to read chat messages reported users. The service had then announced a new feature that allows users to report news targeted soon.

The developers working meticulously on to functions that users should facilitate the application. In the current update is about the recently launched Get out mode. Again, this is to be more precise.

Update for self-extinguishing News — function receives a timer

WhatsApp upgrades feature that makes messages disappear

The self-erasing messages can be activated for several months in WhatsApp. To go users as follows:

Currently, the news of the chats will then default deleted after seven days. That should change in the future. Then delete messages individually timed as desired.

The following periods will be selectable, remain in the chat for the messages:

can selectively delete pictures and messages: Get out option of WhatsApp

The setting should be set individually for each chat. According WABetainfo but are also standard message timer can be set for new chats.

This is proven by using the WhatsApp privacy settings. Here users can enable the default message timer soon. Then set the selected time for any new chats with activated Go away option.

WhatsApp: Self-extinguishing News bring users benefits

The Go away option has caused some users after the launch of confusion. The possibility that messages self-destruct is still quite handy. Especially in group chat feature can be beneficial.

Even sensitive or embarrassing messages remain so no longer ever be found. The same applies to images that are not supposed to see any (more news about Digital to chat).

WhatsApp: Despite Disappear function remain media on the smartphone

For users, is important to know: videos or images from the chat by default automatically saved in the photos. If self-erasing messages are turned on, while disappearing in chat broadcast media, but they remain on the smartphone stored as WhatsApp explains on its website.

Automatic downloading can, however, disable — and under Settings> Storage and data. Here can be for photos, audio recordings, videos and documents individually specify whether they are to be stored on the phone or not.

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