This checklist of LEGO video clip games lists computer game based upon Lego toy franchise.

The popular video game fair of Los Angeles presented in its edition of the past 2021 to 36 new games, among which were titles of great draft as Fora Horizon 5, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy or Metro id Dread. However, we came from a 2020 where the world health crisis had managed to end all the face-to-face events of the industry.


The Edition sought to perform a hybrid event The situation for E3 was especially painful, being forced to cancel the event and prepare for new formulas overlooking the future. After a 2021 completely digital and with a more positive perspective with respect to the pandemic, the Association Software Entertainment Software (ESA) was raised the possibility of preparing a new event for 2022 where the physical is mixed with the digital.

However, as VentureBeat has shared, the concern for the current peak of contagion has led the ESA to bet again for the online event. Due to the continuous health risks surrounding COVID-19 and its potential impact on the safety of the exhibitors and assistants, E3 will not be carried out in person in 2022.

The current peak of the pandemic obliges us to discard face-to-face options Although the current peak of contagions could have been reduced significantly for the summer months, the organization of the event is located in full recruitment time for companies that They would occupy the fair space. Meanwhile, Geoff Kafka has already launched the website of his Summer Game Fest 2022 event, who else, will live and compete with E3 digitally, after closing its 2021 edition with great figures and the Expected Elder Ring trailer. The 3DGEGOS we have also lived the changes in this legendary video game fair, and we tell you how changes have been felt after their last digital edition.