Recently, the Action Role play Monster Hunter Rise celebrated its debut on the PC. The switch version is known since the March of last year and was able to cash in the test on Hunter World a gold award. All the more tense were many fans, whether the port is as good as the original — or maybe even better. Anyway, the previously issued reviews will speak a positive language.

At Steam, the ratings for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise achieve a very positive level for a few days after the release: 87 percent of the reviews made at the time of news of the news of the news of the newspaper are positive, which proportions significantly smaller in the negative direction. Most users are very pleased from porting, even though it seems to note in some places that the origin is on the switch. Here are some quotes from the Steam Reviews:

Fantastic port. Looks very well and runs super smooth. Charging times are a maximum of two seconds for me.

Even better than Monster Hunter World. Just recommended if you liked the previous monster Hunter parts.

No technical problems and absolute fun. 9/10. I would have wished for a German language issue, but there are worse.


Whoever is uncertain whether Monster Hunter Rise meets their own taste: Steam is also a demo available. The action adventure from Cap Com appeared on March 26, 2022 for Switch, since January 12, 2022, the PC version is available.